12 Women Describe Their Sex Lives In One Word

If you could use one word to describe your sex life, what would it be? Sexuality is beautifully complicated and multi-faceted, so this may be a difficult thing to ask.

Your answer may reveal a lot about how we feel about yourself — your own feelings about sexual desires and whether or not you feel free enough to express them — your own feelings about your emotional attachments to our sexual partners, and your relationship between sexuality and your body.

If I could describe my sex life in one word, I would say, "fluid." As a bisexual woman with a complicated sexuality, I have always struggled to pin down my sexuality to one all-encompassing phrase. My sexual attraction to men ebbs and flows with my mood, as it does with women. I am a sexually adventurous person, but as I am discovering, my willingness to explore my kinks and deepest desires are directly related to my emotional connectedness with my sexual partners. And at times, I feel sexual and open to having sex, while at other times I connect sexuality with emotionality and I feel unable to connect myself to another person with my body. Sometimes, I feel interested in a casual hookup, while at other times I feel deeply that sex is art that should only be shared with a special person.

To find out how other women feel, I asked 12 to describe their sex lives in one word, and here were their responses.

1Tayla, 28


2Veronica, 22

3Amy, 29


4Amanda, 25

5Brooke, 26


6Alyson, 31

7Rayvenne, 22

8Riley, 25


9Natalie, 26

10Lina, 26


11Krysten, 27

12Laurissa, 21


Yes, your sex life is likely complicated, but by asking yourself honestly what your sentiments are towards it, you can reflect on your relationships with yourself, as well as on your relationship with your partners.