Add These Addictive Romance Series To Your TBR For Spring

by Zoraida Córdova

Seroiusly, steamy romance series are a reader's best friend. You know how producers on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette hook you by asking people from previous seasons to come back? So by the time a new season rolls around, you're already hyper invested in that person's quest for love? It's the same deal with romance novels — you keep coming back for more, because you want to see if your favorite characters from previous novels find love.

The first book will usually introduce you to one character and their friends, family, enemies, exes, etc. — and each subsequent novel will zoom in on one of those people and give you their love story.

The wonderful thing about a romance series is that each novel can function as a standalone. Or you can read them in order. Or you can read them out-of-order. There's no wrong way or right way to enjoy a romance series. But, I can guarantee, that by the time you've finished reading through an entire installment, you'll feel as though these characters are some of your closest friends and confidantes. Reading a romance series is an immerse experience.

The weather is finally getting warm, so get your beach bag ready and be sure to pack one (or two or three or four) of these romance series for those long, lazy afternoons at the beach:


'Mechanics of Love' by Megan Erickson

Prefer a blue collar hero to a pampered billionaires? This is the perfect series for you. Bonus: Dirty Deeds, the sixth book in the series, follows a American female mechanic on her love affair with a British businessman.

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'Keeping up With the Cavendishes' by Maya Rodale

When an American family inherits a dukedom in Regency England, shenanigans — and romance — follow.

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The Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

There's a reason The Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren is so absurdly popular: because it's totally steamy, and there's something for everyone.

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'Wait for You' by Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn

Though the series begins in dorm rooms, but the later books take a far more adult (and deadly) turn.

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'Battle Scars' by Diana Gardin

Army rangers and Navy SEALs fight for love in this action-packed series.

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'Rusk University' by Cora Carmack

Texas. Football. Gossip. It's like Friday Night Lights, but all grown up.

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'Saints of Denver' by Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover knows how to write the kind of tormented heroes and heroines that make a reader swoon, hard.

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'Bollywood' by Sonali Dev

This series follows the difficult, complicated, and endearing love stories of several Indian-American women.

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'Unruly Royals' by Megan Mulry

The Unruly Royals series incorporates everything readers love about historical romances, but with stories set in the modern age. What happens when normal people get it on with royals? Read this series to find out.

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'Half-Moon Hollow' by Molly Harper

Magic, mayhem, and sexy paranormal action. Molly Harper's Half-Moon Hollow series is like True Blood but with an extra helping of wit and humor.

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'Dukes Behaving Badly' by Megan Frampton

The title says it all: this series features too many dukes to count — and none of them are on their best behavior.

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'Scoundrels' by Loretta Chase

This is one series nearly every romance reader recommends. It's over 20 years old, but it's still a classic of the genre.

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'Parasol Protectorate' by Gail Carriger

Victorian England. A lady without a soul. A sexy Lord (and werewolf). Just your standard (read: excellent) historical steampunk romance.

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'Brooklyn Bruisers' by Sarina Bowen


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