13 Beauty Brands You Should Be Following On Snapchat So You Can Stay In The Know


Thanks to the internet, we have a zillion ways to get our beauty fix. From online shopping to YouTube tutorials to Instagram feeds, there is beauty content coming at us all day, every day from all angles. But the one thing we didn't see coming? Just how relevant beauty has become on Snapchat. So what beauty brands should you be following on Snapchat to make sure you're in the know about the latest launches and sales?

It's kind of crazy to think that Snapchat (which, let's be real, was initially meant for sending naked pictures) has become such a force within the beauty industry. Brands are using it to launch new products, provide tutorials, and give their followers and peek into what it feels like to be an insider. Snapchat has also offered unique advertising opportunities — for example, a filter that lets you try on L'Oreal makeup — which has provided even more incentive for brands to get on board.

The best part of following beauty brands on Snapchat? Getting a firsthand look at what's going on behind the scenes. This means that as a follower, you get a first-hand look at new products and other exciting goings-on that the rest of the internet isn't privy too (because, as you may or may not know, there's no such thing as a public Snapchat account).

Here are 13 beauty brands you should add to your feed so you can stay in the know, and then brag to all of the non-followers that you heard it first.

1. TooFaced (@TooFacedSnaps)

Though you sadly can't smell TooFaced's palettes through your phone screen (can someone hurry up and invent that software already?!) you can get a first-look at their newest, cutest products via their Snapchat account.

2. ColourPop (@ColourPopCo)

ColourPop is everything you want a beauty brand to be on Snapchat: It has product launches, beauty tutorials and a whole lot of Hello Kitty merch. What more could you really ask for?

3. Sephora (@SephoraSnaps)

I mean, it's Sephora. Need I say more?

4. Glossier (@GlossierIRL)

Glossier is the makeup brand for millennials (in case the "millennial pink" packaging and website didn't give it away) so it's no wonder the team works straight up magic on social media. The Snapchat channel offers BTS looks in the Glossier offices and cool beauty takeovers, which gives us even more of a reason to be #obsessed with them.

5. Trendmood (@TrendMood)

Trendmood is rather infamous in the industry for being the first to break beauty news (sometimes even before the brands themselves have a chance to break it) so check out her Snapchat for all of the latest.

6. Benefit (@BenefitBeauty)

If you want to see YouTubers on Snapchat without actually having to follow YouTuber's on Snapchat, Benefit's account is key. It has an on-point, quirky brand voice, too, which makes its product launches even more fun to watch via your phone screen.

7. Tarte (@TarteCosmetics)

Great products and easy tutorials. Enough said.

8. OPI (@OPISnaps)

Think: Backstage looks from fashion week and the most lustworthy manicures you've ever seen. Plus, a look inside the world of people who come up with nail polish names, which IMHO is the best job ever.

9. NARS (@NARSissist)

NARS was one of the first brands to hop on the Snapchat bandwagon, and has been known to release products via Snapchat. It's first snap launch was back in 2013... who knew that cute little ghost has been around for so long?!

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills (@ABHCosmetics)

Want to see what it's like to run a major beauty brand? Check our Anastasia Beverly Hill's account to see the world through the eyes of its founder, Anastasia herself.

11. Urban Decay (@UrbanDecaySnaps)

Obviously the beauty brand you've been obsessed with since your were 13 is worth the follow.

12. Essie (@EssieLoveSnaps)

Cutest. Nail. Tutorials. Ever.

13. Cover Girl (@CoverGirlXO)

Pretty much every beauty influencer you've ever heard of has offered up a tutorial on Covergirl's account, and they once gave away a chance to star in a video with Katy Perry. I would say they're worth the follow.