13 'Charmed' Episodes To Watch Before The Reboot

I've got to admit something here: I'm not super stoked for the Charmed reboot. The original series was good enough for me and I strongly feel I don't need another version — I think Charmed is great all on its own. That being said, a reboot is coming, which will not follow the mythology of the original series and will be set in the 1970s. But no matter what, I am a Charmed fan and I will inevitably take notice of this brand new edition of the show. Before the reboot premieres, I think fans should take note of these Charmed episodes to watch before the reboot.

The original Charmed had some seriously inspiring and sometimes pretty goofy episodes that deserve to be acknowledged. Reboots are all well and good, but fans should not forget all of the original reason we fell in love with '00s mystical goodnesses and their crop tops — Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and, yes, even Paige. Whether the Charmed Ones were going back in time, or unhappily hanging out in some alternate reality, or simply just facing off against the powers of evil (as one does), the original series is a must-see for the supernatural or girl power enthusiast — especially the episodes I'm about to delve into here. Get ready, y'all!


"Witchstock" - Season 6, Episode 11


In this episode, Paige gets a hold of Gran's time-travel boots and heads back to the '60s. It's not quite as on-point of a relation to the reboot as heading back to the actual '70s, but the outfits are cool, so I'll take it.


"Centennial Charmed" - Season 5, Episode 12


As of right now, none of the previous Charmed Ones are set to appear in the reboot. So an episode that focuses on an alternate reality in which Paige doesn't exist is the perfect preparation for the loss you will you might feel in the future.


"Just Harried" - Season 3, Episode 15

This episode goes on any list of Charmed episodes, because it's one of he best wedding episodes — dare I say it — of all time. It encapsulates the love-conquers-all vibe of Charmed as Prue and Leo, forbidden lovers, are joined by their family (both alive and dead) to celebrate their union. Hopefully the reboot brings just as many sentimental moments.


"That '70s Episode" - Season 1, Episode 17


Ah yes, another flashback situation, this time actually set in the '70s. This episode is the perfect choice to get you all ready and prepared for the '70s-era reboot. In the episode, the Charmed Ones go back in time to prevent their mama from making a deal with a crooked demon.


"Coyote Piper" - Season 3, Episode 9

Women taking charge and fighting for their rights was a huge part of the '70s and hopefully will be a theme in the reboot. In "Coyote Piper," fans get to see a Piper who becomes unfettered by how others think she should behave after she is possessed by a she-demon. I'm hopeful for female empowerment in the reboot, but if not, there's always this awesome episode.


"Sand Francisco Dreamin'" - Season 5, Episode 14


As I've stated, I have a lot of fears about this new reboot. Sometimes, the only way to fight one's fears is to face them head-on and then realize they aren't really all that scary. In "Sand Francisco Dreamin'" a demon kills the Sandman so suddenly the sisters (and Leo) are attacked by their nightmares. They get past it and fans will too. Together. By watching both old and new Charmed.


"Something Wicca This Way Comes" - Season 1, Episode 1


I think it's pretty obvious that if you're reading a "best of" list as preparation for the new Charmed, you should go back to the start, the first episode. It will remind you why you initially fell in love with the series and therefore maybe get you super excited for the reboot.


"Forever Charmed" - Season 8, Episode 22

After you finish the first episode it only makes sense to then watch the series finale. This episode also gets into the time travel game as Piper must go to the past as to keep her sisters, Paige and Phoebe from dying in the future. Not only is this episode a must-watch for its importance in the original series, but also because Piper goes to 1975 and fans should really try to get as much of a glimpse of a magical world set in the '70s as possible.


"Chick Flick" - Season 2, Episode 18


One of the best things about Charmed is the excess of totally ridiculous and entertaining episodes. "Chick Flick" fits the "totally ridiculous" bill perfectly with the premise that a Demon of Illusion brings characters from movies to life. It doesn't get much goofier than that. Hopefully the reboot will be just as whacky, but if not, fans will always have "Chick Flick."


"I Dream of Phoebe" - Season 6, Episode 15

Witchy stuff is great, but do you know what's even better than witchy stuff? Genie stuff! Everyone loves a good genie story, and this tale, which pulls from lore about genies as well as the popular '60s show, I Dream of Genie is perfection.


"Charmed Again Parts 1 &2" - Season 4, Episodes 21 & 22

I know it's going to be hard for us all to be faced with Charmed Ones who aren't the Charmed Ones. So this two-part episode in which the sisters deal with Prue's death (and removal from the series) and then find the whole new Charmed sister Paige is the perfect choice. Just remember, as long as there is witchcraft, and strong women, and strong fashion choices, there can be Charmed.


"Oh My Goddess" Part 2 - Episode 23

This episode serves as a reminder that no matter what the reboot brings, there's always hope for the series. I remember having lost all hope for Charmed, convinced it had jumped the shark, until all the girls turned into Greek goddesses. Sure, it seemed like the overly dramatic plot point of a show that had run out of ideas, but I think fans can all agree the goddess costumes and hair make up for it. Watch this episode and take heart that the reboot could also feature cool costumes and hair.


"We All Scream For Ice Cream" - Season 3, Episode 10


You've got to fit a super spooky episode as preparation for new Charmed and your best bet is definitely "We All Scream for Ice Cream." There's something about evil children characters in television that is so unforgettable. In this mistaken identity-heavy episode, the sisters go head to head against a creepy ice cream man who is kidnapping small children and forcing them into a snow-covered dimension. Unfortunately, it turns out the ice cream man isn't evil, he's just really good at capturing demon children. I'm honestly getting chills just thinking about it.