Chilling Moments From Your Favorite '90s Shows

As you get older, your realize that there are some moments that will remain with you forever. And, when it comes to television, there are also moments from your favorite '90s shows that gave you chills, moments so major that you certainly haven't been able to forget them. Admittedly, some of these are from shows that none of us should have been watching as kids in the '90s — but, let's be real, some of us probably did. And, for the good two-shoes out there, there likely came a time when you discovered some of the scariest TV show scenes from the '90s as an adult but still found yourself shaken by them as you would have been as a child.

Some of these shows at least have an excuse; they were made for a more mature audience. There are, however, a bunch of chilling TV show moments on this list from shows that were aimed squarely at children — or, at the very least, a family audience. And, sure, some of these shows were spooky on purpose, but not all of them. That just made these chilling moments more surprising when they appeared, out of nowhere, in the middle of your favorite show as a kid.

So, please, be brave, delve in, and just embrace these '90s TV show chills...

When Angelica Had A Nightmare About That Gigantic Baby Brother In 'Rugrats'

Not only did he speak with a grown man's voice, but he was also enormous, unstoppable, and tried to actually eat Angelica. I still can't with scene.

Whenever Tooms Squeezed His Way Into A Place He Shouldn't Be In 'The X-Files'
20th Century Fox

If you had parents like mine who allowed you to occasionally stay up late and enjoy the odd episode of The X-Files, then Tooms probably ruined your childhood. He definitely ruined mine.

When Stevil Became A Horrifying, Sentient Being In 'Family Matters'

Why would you even add a laughter track to this? Seriously. This was messed up, you guys.

Whenever 'Unsolved Mysteries' Reminded You That A Dangerous Killer Hadn't Been Caught & Was Still At Large

Oh yeah, we all totally slept well those nights.

The Killer Krusty Doll From 'The Simpsons'

Though they were undeniably hilarious, the Treehouse Of Horror Halloween specials of The Simpsons could still be scary as hell as a kid. And the murderous Krusty The Clown was truly chilling.

When Bob Climbed Over The Couch Toward The Camera In 'Twin Peaks'

I was a grown woman when I saw this for the first time, and it chilled me to the bone. In fact, it still does, because it's a damn eternal nightmare of a scene.

Every Time That Damn Dummy Kept Coming Back In 'Goosebumps'

Sorry, but I'll just be over here. Screaming forever.

When The Final Moment Of 'Dinosaurs' Revealed The Devastation Of The Ice Age

What better way to end a beloved family sitcom than by portraying the chilling death of all of its main characters?

When The Gentlemen Were First Properly Introduced In 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

Between those ghoulish grins, the way that they floated everywhere, and the fact that they wanted to steal people's heart in silence, they were beyond chilling.

The Creepy Intro For 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'

As if the episodes themselves weren't chilling enough, the intro was pure nightmare fuel.

When Heffer Choked On A Chicken Bone In 'Rocko's Modern Life'

And his near death experience took you to hell (or, "heck," as it's adorably called in the episode) and back. Total shivers.

When The Young Girl Got Possessed By The Haunted Mask In 'Goosebumps'

Way to ruin Halloween and fancy dress parties for me for all time.

When Mr. Friend Talked In 'Rugrats'

Mr. Friend was definitely not anyone's pal. This scene was mega nope served on a slice of hell no.

Yep. I'm definitely going to be sleeping with the light on tonight.