Why Rory Gilmore Definitely Won't End Up With Jess

by Courtney Lindley

It's happened. It happened a while ago actually, if you were paying attention. The Gilmore Girls revival aired, the final four words were spoken, and resolutions we waited years to see and feel were finally bestowed upon us. Oh wait. Never mind on the last part. (Spoilers ahead, but seriously if you haven't watched the revival yet, I need you to do me a favor and reprioritize your life.) Resolutions were not given. At least, when it comes to Rory's love life. A love life that does not include Jess — and never will. Yup, I'm here to tell you why Rory won't end up with Jess.

To my dearest Jess fans, while I hate to break this news to you, I find its truth insurmountable. She won't wind up with him. Not now, not ever. The Gilmore Girls revival laid this out for us, point blank. Mostly, by way of Rory 's new characterization. This isn't the Rory we knew before. This Rory is lost and scared and confused and unsure. We cannot compare this Rory's actions to the old Rory's actions. That, dearest Jess fans, changes everything.

It changes, specifically, Rory's dynamics with each one of her boyfriends and ex-boyfriends. It changes things with Rory and Jess, and because of that, it sets the following fate in stone: There is no "Rory and Jess" anymore (I'm sorry, don't hate me) because those people, as we used to know them, don't exist.

If that doesn't prove it, here are some further clues on why these two won't end up together. Like, ever.

1. The Way Rory Introduces Jess

When Rory first sees Jess in the revival, she introduces him as "Luke Danes' nephew." Which reminds fans that's what Jess is to Rory now. He's not the young boy she was once in love with. He's Luke Danes' nephew.

2. It's Been Four Years Since They've Seen Each Other

That's a long time for two people that are destined to be together.

3. Rory Doesn't Even Read Anymore

Why doesn't Rory read? We never see her with a book. Rory doesn't read because Rory's not Rory. (See the spiel above.)

4. But Jess Still Does

And therefore, the glue that held them together has deteriorated. Point made.

5. Jess Always Leaves

The day before the wedding, Jess is at Lorelai's, but he gets noticeably uncomfortable and decides to go. Classic Jess. If there's one thing that literate lad loves to do, it's dip.

6. Jess Dismisses His Relationship With Rory As A "Work Thing"

When Rory shows Jess the first three chapters, Luke asks what's going on between them. Jess makes it clear that everything is strictly business.

7. Jess Explicitly Says It's Done

Luke asks, "So then you're over that right?" Jess replies, "Yup. Long over."

8. That Longing Glance Isn't What You Think It Is

It's a goodbye. It's Jess being on the outside looking in. It's him realizing that it's never going to happen. That longing glance is closure.

9. Rory's Chat With Christopher Tells Us Everything

She asks him, "How did you feel about mom raising me alone?" Rory doesn't have anyone to depend on at this point. She knows that she's going to raise this baby alone. She knows that she's not going to end up with Jess.

10. She's Not Pregnant With His Child

The timeline doesn't really add up. She seems him first in "Summer," and then right before the wedding in "Fall." She'd either be showing, or it'd be too early to tell. So, let's count that theory out.

11. The Mirroring Of Lorelai & Rory Isn't Perfect

Things might have come "full freaking circle," but Rory and Lorelai's lives are not perfect mirrors. They never have been, and there's no reason to think that they will be going forward. Because Lorelai ended up with her own version of a disgruntled, bad boy, that doesn't mean Rory will.

12. Jess Might Be Too Good For Rory

I'm not saying Jess is too good for Rory because he's buff, but I'm not saying it's not because he's buff. (Jess looks so buff though, right?) In all seriousness, it sounds like Jess' life is moving in the right direction and that he's matured. Rory, on the other hand, is a little behind.

13. They Are Just So Different Now

Rory was basically a fetus when she and Jess were together. Since then, they've gone through such different things. I'm not saying it's impossible to go back to your high school sweetheart, but for these two, it doesn't seem likely. It's just been too long.

When Rory tells her mom that she's pregnant in those final moments of the revival, there was a small part of me that thought Jess could be the father. Or that he would adopt the baby in five years, and he and Rory and Jess Jr. would live above a quaint bookstore and spend their lives together making literary jokes that no one understands, except the three of them and maybe their dog, Paul Anka IV.

But, then reality hit me, and I realized that was only a pipe dream. Frankly, I knew nothing about what was to happen with Jess' life. I only knew that Rory probably wouldn't be in it. Which is definitely unfortunate for her, because did you see how buff he was?