13 ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Singapore Filming Locations That You Can Actually Visit In Real Life

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At this point, it's safe to say that if you haven't already seen Crazy Rich Asians, you're hearing major buzz about it. The film, which came out on Aug. 15, is based on a best-selling book of the same name by Kevin Kwan. The buzz surrounding it is well-deserved: Not only is the movie the first American film in two decades to star an all-Asian cast, but it's also one of the most well-written, well-produced, fun romantic comedies ever released. The story, for those who aren't familiar, follows a Chinese-American woman from New York, Rachel Chu, who discovers that the man she's been dating for about a year, Nick Young, is actually part of the wealthiest family in Singapore. During a vacation from her role as an Economics professor at NYU, she travels with him to Singapore to attend his best friend's wedding — only to encounter his, well, "crazy rich" family, including Nick's mother Eleanor, who does not approve of Rachel dating Nick. As you can imagine, the film showcases some pretty amazing spots in Singapore, and there are even some Crazy Rich Asians Singapore filming locations that you can visit in real life.

While the cast and the story are basically perfection, one of the best things about the movie is the opportunity to learn more about Singapore. The country is a gorgeous destination, like a glamorous dream world full of bucket list-worthy sights to see.

Watching the movie or reading the book will definitely make you want to plan a trip to Singapore ASAP — and if you do that, you need to visit the below destinations to pay homage to what is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2018.

1. The Changi Airport


In most cases, you would probably never dream about putting an actual airport on your bucket list — ut the Changi Airport in Singapore is very different, so much so that it's been named the best airport in the world six years in a row. You'll recognize it as the spot where Nick and Rachel land after their flight from NYC to Singapore, and upon visiting it IRL, I'm sure you'll be just as impressed by the place as she was. The airport is full of gardens of beautiful flowers like orchis and cacti, palm trees, high-end shops, restaurants, art installations, and even a movie theater. Yeah! I know! It has security checkpoints before gates rather than at the entrance, so it's locals sometimes go just to hang out — even if they're not flying anywhere!

2. Hawker Centers

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One of the first places Nick takes Rachel to in Singapore is this open air food court, which he tells her is the only place where street food vendors actually get Michelin stars. While there are many different hawker centers throughout Singapore, Rachel and Nick go to Newton Food Centre. Stop by to get dishes like hokkien mee (a mix of egg and rice noodles with egg, pork and shrimp), satay, chili crab, Hainanese chicken rice, and more.


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Nick's best friend Collin holds his wedding to Araminta at CHIJMES, which is a heritage building that was first built as a Catholic convent in 1852. It's now used as a shopping and diner center, really, but there's also a Gothic-style chapel that works as a function hall. There are also restaurants, cafes, salons, entertainment, and a beautiful courtyard to explore.

4. Gardens By The Bay


Easily recognizable as the reception venue for Collin and Araminta's big wedding in the film, Gardens By The Bay is a beautiful waterfront garden installation with temperature-controlled domes that house thousands of plants and trees from all around the world. There's a waterfall, lakes, restaurants, and event spaces. It's worth it for a glimpse of the Supertrees alone, which are man-made tree sculptures covered in plants.

5. Sentosa Island


This is where Collin's bachelor party was (after they left that giant party boat), and yes, it's paradise. Though it's technically not on the island of Singapore, the popular small island is easily accessible. There are beaches, hotels, spas, amusement parts, a water park, and aquarium.

6. Marina Bay Sands


I don't want to spoil the scene that this gorgeous location takes place in, but I will say, it's a big one involving Nick and Rachel. The Marina Bay Sands, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in Singapore, is a huge integrated resort that includes a luxury hotel and the world's highest and largest infinity pool. Oh, and you can shop there, too, if you want a taste of the luxury lifestyle the people in the story have. There's even the ArtScience Museum if you want some culture.

7. Raffles Singapore Hotel


Rachel and Nick stay in the beautiful Presidential Suite at the Raffles hotel in Singapore, which is a luxury accommodation you won't want to miss. It's actually under renovation right now, but will reopen in 2019, so get ready to make reservations!

8. Humpback Restaurant

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Humpback restaurant is one spot where Rachel has a heart-to-heart with her old college roommate friend Peik Lin, but it's also just a really a great place to visit in general. It's located in Singapore's Chinatown, on Bukit Pasoh Road. You can eat the delicious seafood served at Humpback, then wander around to shop.

9. Merlion Park

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The merlion is a mythical creature that consists of a lion's head and a fish's body, and it's the official symbol of Singapore. In the film, Rachel and Nick have an important conversation in Merlion Park, which features a 30-foot sculpture of the merlion — definitely a sight worth seeing.

10. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi In Malaysia

This beautiful hotel is where Araminta's bachelorette party is held (in the film, she says it's her family's resort, but this is the place it was filmed), and although it's not in Singapore, it's only a stone's throw away in Malaysia. Located in a tropical rainforest, the Four Seasons Langkawi offers gorgeous views, luxury accommodations, a spot on the Andaman Sea, and a truly wonderful spa.

11. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion In Malaysia

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While in Malaysia, be sure to visit the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, which stands in as the Mahjong parlor where Rachel and Eleanor have a heated conversation in the movie. In real life, it's actually a hotel with gorgeous architecture, restaurants, outdoor dining, and guided mansion tours that give you a glimpse into the history behind the place.

12. Tyersall Park In Malaysia

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In Crazy Rich Asians, Nick's grandmother lives in a giant mansion in Singapore that's surrounded by tons of nature. However, the mansion and surrounding park is actually located in Malaysia at Tyersall Park, which is where the scenes at the Young family mansion were filmed.

13. Ann Siang Hill

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You may recognize Ann Siang Hill as the beautiful street that Eleanor strolls along while she's on her way to meet Rachel at a Mahjong parlor. In real life, the street is just as gorgeous as it is in the film: Old and colorful houses have been restored and turned into restaurants and boutiques, and I have no doubt that you'd probably be able wander around for hours if you wanted to.