13 Creepy Ghost Story Podcasts That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween


One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to spend an entire month scaring the pants off yourself. It's hard to explain why, exactly, we enjoy terrifying ourselves during October every single year, but it's also hard to deny how fun it can be. As entertaining as it is to re-watch your favorite horror movies for your dose of Halloween fear, sometimes you want to do something a little different — and that's where ghost story podcasts come in. There are a whole bunch of podcasts about ghost stories out there, both real and fake, but always incredibly creepy.

If you haven't already jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, then you might not realize how awesome they are: you can basically listen to them anywhere, so you can get your dose of Halloween fear during your morning commute, while you're bored during lunch, or, if you really want to terrify yourself, while you're feeling lazy before you fall asleep. And the below options are definitely going to freak you out. While some tell made-up ghost stories that you can listen to in the dark, maybe while sitting around a little homemade bonfire, some are based on (supposedly) true stories... which make them even creepier.

And, obviously, you can listen to these podcasts at any time of the year, not just when you're feeling in a Halloween mood. Get into them now — as scary as they are, they're still something you're really going to get interested in.

1. Real Ghost Stories Online

ghoststoryradio on Twitter

If you have plenty of time to listen in, you'll enjoy this one. Real Ghost Stories Online is a daily paranormal podcast on exactly what it sounds like: real ghost stories told by real people. These aren't just mythical tales of spooky urban legends, but real accounts, which makes them even creepier. And if you have your own story to share, you can call in or write to them.

2. Dark Verse

thedarkverse on Twitter

There's a lot going on with the The Dark Verse: classic horror stories, as well as short stories of occult and metaphysical horror. According to the official website, "The contents of the stories range from demented entities to gross worlds, undead recollections to philosophical and psychological possessions, and twisted, inventive imagery to unhindered terror." Creepy!

3. Lore

lorepodcast on Instagram

Lore is a really popular award-winning horror podcast that focuses on true life scary stories. Each episode takes on a dark historical tale with a "modern campfire experience," so instead of real people talking about ghost stories, it's basically a creepy look at history, which is endlessly interesting. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Mondays,

4. The NoSleep Podcast

nosleeppodcast on Twitter

If you're really into spine-crawling horror stories, then you're probably already familiar with Reddit's spooky NoSleep subreddit. The thread is made up of horrifying tales from users, and the NoSleep Podcast is basically an extension of that. Every two weeks, the podcast features original stories from the thread, and they're always terrifying.

5. The Moonlit Road

themoonlitroad on Twitter

Horror buffs know that the American South is full of spine-tingling ghost stories. The Moonlit Road is a podcast that focuses on these ghost stories and dark legends, which are both interesting and terrifying.

6. The Wrong Station

thewrongstation on Twitter

The Wrong Station doesn't update quite as regularly as some of the other podcasts listed here, but still: the short and fictional episodes are so scary that it couldn't be left off.

7. Knifepoint Horror


Knifepoint Horror is a fantastically creepy podcast full of stories about ghosts and other supernatural happenings. Narrated by Soren Narnia, these stories describe events exactly as they happened. There's a lot of detail, and all of them are going to make it hard for you to sleep at night.

8. The Last Podcast On The Left

lpontheleft on Twitter

If you're looking for both real and fictional ghost stories, you'll probably love this podcast. The Last Podcast On The Left is hosted by three men — Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski - who cover everything from Jeffrey Dahmer to popular hauntings to cryptoid encounters. It's scary, funny, and entertaining.

9. The Wicked Library

wickedlibrary on Twitter

The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast that tells horror stories by new and independent authors. These are all original short stories narrated along with musical scoring to make things extra creepy.

10. Black Tapes

blacktapespod on Twitter

The Black Tapes podcast is another popular one — so popular it even has its own dedicated subreddit. This one is actually a fictional story of a public radio journalist who gets involved in the paranormal world — so, instead of a mix of stories, it's one continuous narrative. There are demons, ghosts, missing persons cases, and more. Make sure to start with the first episode!

11. Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked

spookedpod on Twitter

Spooked began as a special episode of the podcast Snap Judgment, and was so popular that it became its own show. This one is all real stories from real people about ghosts, monsters, curses, and more paranormal activity. It's terrifying, creepy, and will take away all your sleep.

12. Alice Isn't Dead

alicepodcast on Twitter

Alice Isn't Dead is another spooky podcast that is about one story rather than a whole bunch of short stories. It's a series of audio diaries from a truck driver who is searching for her wife who she thought was dead. The stories about all of her mysterious encounters and paranormal dangers, and is super entertaining.

13. Anything Ghost

anythingghost on Twitter

If you're looking for lots of episodes, check out Anything Ghost, which has been around since 2006. This one is more real ghost stories by real people, with a mix of the host, Lex Wahl, reading personal experiences and also local ghost legends, as well as real callers telling their own stories.