13 Disney Crafts To Try When You Just Want To Stay Home & Be Cozy

Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though it was only recently that autumn officially began, it feels like we're somehow already knee-deep in crunchy autumn leaves and PSLs — the vibe is certainly in the air. This time of year is perfect for snuggling up at home, heating up some tea, and doing some crafts as you watch movies. And if Disney movies happen to be your poison of choice, then why not spend an afternoon doing some cute and cozy Disney craft projects? It always crazy how quickly the weather begins changing as soon as the summer ends, but those changes sure do make for the perfect cozy, stay-at-home, arts n' crafts vibe.

Since most of us tend to spend a little more time indoors as winter approaches and the weather gets chillier, it's a nice time to revisit your fave nostalgic Disney movies and come up with some fun lil' projects to do at home. Autumn always makes me want to start nesting and making my apartment as cozy and warm as possible. If you're feelin' it too, there are tons of cute Disney craft ideas for everything from cozy sweatshirt, mugs for your hot tea, autumn-vibey candles, and super-cute home decorations to spruce up your place.

Grab your Disney-loving crew and invite them over for crafts and a movie, Disney-style. Then bust out any of these adorable and surprisingly simple Disney-inspired DIY projects and have some cozy fun.

DIY Disney-Inspired Mouse Ear Crowns

OK, move over flower crowns. It's all about flower mouse ear crowns now. This video shows you simple DIYs for three different styles of the famous mouse ear headbands, and all of them are legitimately chic enough to sport in public.

DIY Disney Dream Catchers

This Mickey Mouse-inspired wall hanging is perfect to hang over your bed. Plus it shows your Disney devotion without looking tacky, so you can incorporate it into your room's decor theme easily (even if you're not attempting to turn your bedroom into a Disney castle).

DIY No-Sew Throw Pillow

Great news: You can make these super-cute throw pillows inspired by your favorite Disney princesses without having to know how to sew. Just gather the supplies and set aside an afternoon, then prepare to elevate your couch game with this cozy craft.

DIY Lumiere Candle Holder

If you're low-key trying to make your apartment feel like a trip to Disneyland, then your dining table is in dire need of a real-life Lumiere to light up the party. This DIY video will show you how to make a perfect replica of your fave Beauty & The Beast candle holder.

DIY Disney Pins

If you can draw or trace it, then you can make it into a super-cute pin. Adorn your purse or a denim jacket with an assortment of your fave Disney characters by making cute and simple Disney-inspired pins at home.

DIY Tinkerbell Lantern Decoration

As a huge sucker for Tinkerbell and all of her sassy antics, I'm down with any craft that incorporates her — and this adorable hanging lantern craft does exactly that. You can set it on a shelf as a decoration, or fill it with fairy lights and hang it for a whimsical touch.

DIY Disney-Themed Mugs

There is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket on a fall day with a hot cup of tea. Wait, there is one thing that's better, and that's if said cup of tea is being drunk from an adorable Disney-inspired mug that you designed yourself! Use this craft video to make that a reality.

DIY Disney Princess Phone Cases

These are legit SO cute and also look really professional. Let your crafting skills be the apple of everyone's eye by giving these Disney-inspired phone case crafts a shot. Because if you're a true Disney freak, it's important that every item you own become Disney themed, right?

DIY Little Mermaid Candle

Fall season is also unofficially candle season, and this adorable DIY candle, themed to The Little Mermaid, is absolutely perfect for bringing the cozy vibes to your home. Plus, the ocean theme will give you a little taste of summer.

DIY Mickey Mouse Holiday Sweatshirt

Time to get out your cozy wardrobe! And why not amp it up by crafting a sleek, sparkly Minnie Mouse adornment to take a comfy sweatshirt to the next level? This video shows you exactly how to do it, and it's surprisingly easy.

DIY Disney-Inspired Glow Jar Lamps

Add some Disney-themed mood lighting to any room in your home with these cool and simple-to-make glow jar lamps. Make them in a few different designs, and watch the warm, glowy light cozy up any space instantly.

DIY Disney Ombré Watercolor Art

These ombré Disney-inspired art pieces are both gorgeous and easy to DIY — and they look so good when they're finished that no one will believe you did 'em yourself. Make a few and frame them and you've got yourself a super-cute Disney art wall.

DIY Disney Lanyards

If you want to sport your Disney fandom at all times, these cute lanyards, inspired by all-things-Minnie, are the perfect simple and useful craft project to try. You can make them in any design of your choosing, and then actually use them to carry your keys. And it's always a bonus when a craft project proves useful.