13 Documentaries As Creepy As 'Mommy Dead & Dearest'


Gypsy Blanchard, the subject of HBO's new documentary Mommy Dead & Dearest, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for second-degree murder in the death of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. And while a daughter killing her mother would be more than enough to fill an entire movie, that's not the end of the story. The unbelievable documentary reveals a devastating story of lifelong abuse and manipulation. It's one the most disturbing murder documentaries you'll ever see, so naturally, it will make you want to watch even more movies in that genre. If you can't stop thinking about Mommy Dead & Dearest, these 13 documentaries will satisfy your appetite for twisted true crime drama.

In the movie, Dee Dee is said to have suffered from Munchausen by proxy, meaning that she, as a caretaker, reportedly fabricated illnesses in her daughter. Mommy Dead & Dearest forces the viewer to question whether or not psychological and physical abuse can ever justify a planned murder, especially that of a family member. If you're intrigued by the strained family dynamics and murder in Mommy Dead & Dearest, these 13 documentaries are must-sees. But beware: Each contains some truly disturbing material.


'Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father'

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne began making Dear Zachary to honor his friend, Andrew Bagby, who was murdered. The film quickly became a tribute for Bagby's unborn son, whose mother was alleged to have killed his father. The documentary is part family tragedy, part crime, and will leave you just about as gutted as you'd expect.


'Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer'

If what you enjoyed most about Mommy Dead & Dearest was seeing the psychology of murder, then Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer is the documentary for you.


'Glory Daze: The Life And Times Of Michael Alig'

Alig was a notorious New York City partier in the '90s, but his wild ways ended up landing him behind bars. Glory Daze isn't about family, but the twists and turns are jaw-dropping.


'The Imposter'

The Imposter takes family mysteries to a whole new level, and it will chill you to your core.


'The Thin Blue Line'

Crime documentaries have rarely been as good as The Thin Blue Line, a movie that plays with the documentary form while also solving a murder.


'The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst'

Robert Durst, the subject of HBO's docuseries The Jinx, is a fascinating and terrifying man.


'Capturing The Friedmans'

Watching the Friedmans navigate sexual assault allegations is captivating and disturbing.


'Beware The Slenderman'

Beware the Slenderman explores the journey of two young girls who attempted murder, and it's about as unsettling as you'd think.


'There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane'

Oftentimes the truth in true crime films is tough to find. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane attempts to uncover a version of the truth about what happened to Diane, a woman who killed herself and seven other people when she went down the wrong way on a crowded road.



Murder, college bureaucracy, and a cover-up — Disgraced doesn't have much in common with Mommy Dead & Dearest, but the sinister mystery surrounding a college basketball player's death is just as riveting.


'The House Of Suh'

Looking for another family murder mystery? Look no further than The House of Suh, which details how Andrew Suh killed his sister's fiancé... at her request.


'The Woman Who Wasn't There'

Mommy Dead & Dearest shines a spotlight on a person's ability to lie -- the central theme in The Woman Who Wasn't There, a documentary about a woman who lied about living through the 9/11 attacks.


'Thought Crimes: The Case Of The Cannibal Cop'

Another documentary that walks the line between truth and lies, Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop will have you both flinching away from the screen in disgust and leaning in to hear more. Plus, it was directed by Erin Lee Carr, the woman behind Mommy Dead & Dearest, so you know it'll take you on a wild ride.

Have fun feeling all those chills go down your spine at the next movie night.