13 Essential Products For Your At-Home Wellness Routine

When it comes to putting together an at-home wellness routine, I feel a little out of the loop. I'm so used to being able to fall back on my usual practices, so not having access to some of my tried-and-trues has been a huge source of anxiety. My favorite spin studio has closed for the safety of its staff and patrons, and the park I take hour-long walks in is officially closed to the public. Without these outlets at the ready, I've been having to think outside the box and find some new ways to show my mind and body some love from the safety of my one-bedroom apartment.

Here's the silver lining: This new perspective has taught me to think of my wellness routine as a more holistic experience than my usual workouts can offer. I'm taking time to practice yoga and meditation at home, researching new ways to maintain my mental health, and even adjusting my work day to feel more relaxing. (Well, as relaxing as it can be!)

For those of you looking to do the same, I've put together a list of some of my favorite products for your at-home wellness routine. Use these products as a jumping-off point to come up with a plan that works for you and your personal wellness goals.

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The Tastiest Immune-Supporting Gummies

Objective Wellness is on its way to becoming one of those brands that your best friend, your mom, your bodega guy, everyone talks about. Their products offer targeted health solutions, and every product page on their site includes a "clinical results" tab that helps you understand what's in your purchase and why. Seeing as caring for your immune system is a cornerstone of personal wellness, these yummy immune-supporting gummies make for the ideal introduction to the brand.


A Trustworthy Face SPF

Repeat after me: SPF is important! You may think since we're not spending lots of time outside that you can skip this essential skincare step, but think again: damaging UVA rays can still penetrate your windows. Keep your sun-protection routine going strong with this fragrance-free, 100% mineral sunscreen with a subtle tint that blends into most skin tones. (Check Australian Gold's website to find more specific color ranges!)


A Scented Candle That Brings Calm To A Full Day Of Meetings

If you're as candle-obsessed as I am, you may be hesitant to bring a new favorite into your collection — but trust me when I say this one is worth it. Hudson Candle is a woman-founded business that uses an all-natural coconut wax blend and essential oils to create their products. This Sea Coast scent features notes of seagrass, sage, and salt water, which — I'm now convinced — is the new smell of luxury.


A Yoga Mat That Does It All

Now that we're both working out at home, my boyfriend and I have run into the problem of having two fitness routines and only one training mat. This cost-efficient option checks all my boxes for a new yoga mat: It has a textured non-slip surface, is extra-thick for added support, plus it's reversible with a different calming design on both sides — and who doesn't need that?


A Sports Bra Made Just For Studio Workouts

If yoga (or barre, or pilates) is your name and low-impact is your game, then you already know that a lightweight-but-supportive sports bra is worth its weight in gold. This highly rated Yin bra from Athleta fits that bill perfectly with the ideal mix of compression and support for all of your virtual workout class needs.


The Only Noise-Canceling Headphones You'll Ever Need

Go ahead and succumb to the siren song that is Beats and let yourself enjoy these wireless over-ear headphones. The Studio3 line features Beats' proprietary noise-canceling technology and 22 hours of background-noise-free, music-streaming bliss.


The Cutest Post-Workout Sweatshirt

Also the cutest enjoying-my-couch-time sweatshirt, this cropped Adidas hoodie has a classic drawcord-adjustable hood and casual raw-edge hem. Plus, it's made with recycled cotton and recycled polyester, meaning you can feel good about having a lesser impact on our planet while also just feeling good.


A Green Tea You'll Love, Even If You Don't Like Green Tea

This has been one of my favorite teas for years. I've always loved green tea for its heart-healthy benefits and lower caffeine content, and this organic blend combines green tea, spearmint, plum, and passion flavors for a fruit-forward sip.


The Best Matcha For Newbies

This is the perfect matcha for beginners for a couple of reasons: First, the combination of ceremonial-grade matcha, Lion's Mane mushroom, Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen, and Moringa make for a smooth blend that isn't super earthy. But even better, this elixir is full of stress-relieving adaptogens that can help bring your mind and body to a calmer state.


These Super-Calming (& Vegan!) CBD Gummies

I've tried many a trendy CBD product in my day, and the Healist Calm Chews are among my favorites. I credit their calming properties to the blend of organically farmed CBD, L-theanine, a custom calming terpene blend, plus organic Ashwagandha — an adaptogen commonly used for stress.


A Body Wash That Brings A Little Luxury To Your Shower

It's not that I broke up with my favorite drug store body wash. It's just that being home all the time caused me to look for ways to make everyday moments more impactful, hence this newly launched fancy body wash. Available at Ulta Beauty, NEST Fragrances has released a line of body care products that smell luxurious (I love this Ginger & Neroli scent), cleanse without stripping away moisture, and even bring a touch of style to your shower caddy.


The Sweetest CBD Bath Bomb You Ever Did See

Rediscovering your love of a long soak? Try adding one of these aptly named tub cubs to your end-of-day bath. The precious bath bombs are formulated with a relaxing blend of essential oils and 50 mg of CBD for the ultimate calming experience.


The Sleep Solution You May Be Looking For

My sister recently introduced me to the wonders of magnesium for sleep support, and now I'm here to do the same for you. The mineral gets you ready for sleep by helping your brain and body relax, and this easy-to-use drink mix may very well be your body's solution for getting a solid night of restful sleep.