13 Flu Season Products For Your Office That Can Help You Stay Healthy

Urban Outfitters/Care/of

Protecting yourself from the flu largely comes down to getting the flu shot and staying at home when you’re sick. But you still have to go into the office during flu season, and unfortunately not everyone is cognizant enough to follow these two key pieces of advice. In that case, stocking up on important flu season supplies can help you feel more calm and prepared when your immune system’s least-favorite season hits.

Before buying any supplies, your first order of business if you’re able should be getting the flu vaccine, which not only can help prevent many strains of flu, but also prevent the flu from being more serious if you do end up getting it. If you’ve already checked that box off your to-do list, however, then it’s time to start thinking about how to prevent the flu in a proactive way.

There are things you can do at home to prevent the flu, like getting lots of sleep and having a solid exercise regimen. While some travel-sized flu essentials are important for preventing the flu on your commute, you can develop a more serious stockpile of flu season supplies for your desk at work. Plus, a lot of these items aren’t just practical — they’re little self-care items to feel better about yourself and your health during a time of year (and a world) where a lot of stuff may feel out of your hands.

None of these flu season items are particularly pricey or hard to come by, but all play their little part in making you less stressed, and more prepared, when flu season comes to your office. Here are 13 things to keep at your desk for flu season.

1A Soothing Hand Sanitizer

Purell Aloe and Sanitizer


The value of hand sanitizer during flu season can’t be understated (especially in an office environment), but if you’re worried about the cold air coupled with the dehydrating effects of hand sanitizer becoming an issue for a skin, this aloe-infused formula is a good option.

2An Eco-Friendly Screen-Cleaning Kit

EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner


You likely keep your phone and computer close at hand, but any surface is fair game for germs during flu season, especially ones that get passed around. If you share a work computer, or pass any of your devices around in meetings, having this better-for-the-environment cleaning kit will keep you safer from unwanted infection.

3General Surface Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (6 Pack)


Bathroom doors and kitchen counters can be infection hotbeds during flu season. Since you can’t single-handedly fight corporate culture and keep sick people from coming into the office, you can instead keep these handy surface wipes around to disinfect shared spaces your hands might need to touch. Plus, the travel size can fit nicely in your desk drawer.

4A Handy Vitamin Boost

Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, 1000 mg, Tropical


Emergen-C is a year-long go-to for many, but it’s especially useful to boost your body’s supply of cold-fighting vitamins during the season where immune systems are at their most vulnerable. Bonus points: this tropical flavor will help you pretend you aren’t at the office.

5An Oversized Throw Blanket

Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

Urban Outfitters

Research from Harvard Health says that the flu thrives in cold temperatures, and our immune system is suppressed in the same conditions. To fight both of these unpleasant facts, cuddle up with this oversized, best-selling, cuddly as can be blanket from Urban Outfitters. Will definitely make your coworkers jealous.

6Some Soothing Tea

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea


Green tea is one of your immune system’s best friends during the trying months of flu season. But if you’re getting sick of the office kitchen’s plain, tasteless green tea bags, try treating yourself to your own personal stash of jasmine green tea, which is tastier and equally beneficial. This flavor tastes great both hot and iced, and won’t get boring if you drink it through the winter months.

7The Comfiest Tissues Your Nose Has Ever Touched

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue

Even without catching the flu itself, you’re likely to get the sniffles a handful of times during flu season. That’s why you should grace your desk with the amazing presence of Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, which won’t chap your nose up like regular tissue does after a few months of a recurring runny nose.

8Rosebud Salve

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Urban Outfitters

Rosebud salve is the stuff dreams are made of when it comes to dry skin. Put a little bit on cracked wintry knuckle or a sore nose for instant relief, or on your lips daily to keep them soft during the season of sickness and low temperatures. Made of a secret blend of essential oils and cottonseed oil, on top of a petroleum base, this is like Vaseline with superpowers.

9Personalized Vitamins

Care/of Personalized Vitamins


If you’re looking to boost your immune system and general health during flu season but don’t know where to look in a general pharmacy aisle, look no further than Care/of vitamins. Having a personalized vitamin supply for flu season, starting at $5 a month will help target what your body needs, specifically, to stay healthy when it seems like no one is. Plus, the packaging is super cute and Instagram-worthy.

10Immunity-Boosting Probiotics

Colds Suck

LoveBug Probiotics

If you’re already into probiotics, this LoveBug Colds Suck immune booster shouldn’t be a hard sell. And if you haven’t tried probiotics before, flu season is a great time to start. This product can help protect your gut health through the worst months, keeping your body in fighting shape in case you come in contact with the cold or flu.

11The Trustiest Hand Lotion

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand And Body Lotion


While there are all sorts of trendy skincare brands, it’s a big deal to trust a product to take care of your dry hands during the winter months. Finding a hand lotion that can withstand flu season and needing to wash your hands more often doesn’t need to be difficult. The trusty Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand And Body Lotion can be applied day in and day out to keep your hands feeling summer and soft, even when you’re huddled in a blanket at your desk.

12An Essential Oil Targeted To Keep You Feeling Well

Plant Therapy Immune-Aid Synergy Essential Oil Blend


If you’ve done everything you can, but still feel like you need a little extra boost, getting this immune-therapy essential oil blend for your desk is a good move to stay feeling in control of your immune system (because anxiety definitely makes it worse). Dab this blend of frankincense, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and orange behind your ears or on your wrists during the workday, after washing your hands or when you’re feeling stressed.

13A Face Cream That Can Handle Anything

Ultra Repair First Moisturizer

First Aid Beauty

Flu season means adjusting your beauty routine to be able to handle a couple bumps in the road. If you’ve been blowing your nose, or going out in the cold a lot, your skin will likely start to feel dry even at the office. Tucking this ultra-powerful, but super-gentle daily moisturizer from First Aid Beauty in your desk drawer will mean you always have access to the hydration you need, without feeling like you’re putting a sticky mask on your face in the middle of the day (or ruining your makeup).