13 Genius Kitchen Tools From Target You Can Get For Under $20 Right Now

If your "adult" kitchen situation is not all that different than the hot plate and single fork situation you had going on in your dorm room, it's time to turn it up. Luckily, there are tons of genius kitchen tools you can get from Target for under $20, which means that you're out of excuses! It's time to adultify your kitchen — I promise the money will be worth the pride you feel when you have enough forks to offer all of your friends, and a storage container to store left overs and a toaster that isn't also a fire hazard.

It's actually a lot easier than you thought it would be to jazz up your kitchen and make it more functional, more useful and more mature. I can easily say that the biggest difference between my non-functional kitchen set up that left me in a constant state of having to order food or eat out, and the kitchen set up that I have now is just a few key gadgets that I likely got on sale at Target.

So if you too have a habit of going to Target to get one thing, and coming back with ten other things, start making it a habit to let one of those other things be something from the kitchen aisle. In no time, you'll have the adult kitchen of your dreams. Here are the best kitchen steals for under $20.

Food Storage Kit

Silverware Set

Measuring Cups

Mason Jar

Mini Waffle Maker


Insulated Water Bottle

Non-stick Fry Pan

Wine Stopper

Food Scale

Rolling Pin

Non-Stick Mat

Pastry Blender