These Halloween Makeup Looks Were Created Using Products You Already Own

You do not need to empty your wallet or go deep into debt for your 2018 Halloween costume. There are infinite Halloween makeup tutorials featuring products you already own and easy methodologies. There is additional joy in being able to scrimp and save.

If you don't spend a single dime on your costume because your makeup is your costume, you win.

If you are dipping into your makeup bag and utilizing your daily stash and repurposing products in different and artistic ways, you win.

If you are pulling out trendy items you may not have used in several months and are preventing waste, you win.

That way, you can spend any additional costume funds on the outfit itself — be it the clothing or the props.

Since Halloween is a week away, time is of the essence. If you've procrastinated and have yet to come up with a clever costume idea, don't fret. You can rock a bunch of looks quickly, creatively, and inexpensively.

These 11 tutorials are easy to follow and can be sourced with products you've already purchased. That equals double the relief. The internet and beauty influencers, fellow makeupistas, and creative types will walk you through some awesome, makeup-focused costume ideas — from a spooky skeleton to a glam vamp.

1. Wednesday Addams

Wanna be creepy, kooky, and spooky like Wednesday Addams? Dust multiple layers of translucent powder on your face. Add a dark, rich, matte lipstick, lots of black eyeliner, and several coats of inky mascara. The pigtails and black dress with a white collar will complete the look. Ta da! You have been transformed into the quintessential goth girl.

2. Spooky Skeleton 1

This spooky and glam skeleton look is legit one of the easiest to do. You will use a variety of shadows to smoke out your eyes and to create some of angles. Black liquid liner will help you replicate that signature, stitched up mouth.

3. Spooky Skeleton 2

Influencer Chrisspy rocked a dramatic skull look with just a handful of products. She was inspired by an artist she saw on Instagram, too. She used foundation, contouring products, liner, and eyeshadow, in addition to filling out her brows. Those angles were created with shadows — not prostheses.

4. Glam Black Cat

This black cat is super glam. That elaborate smoky eye is enhanced with the faux, drawn-on whiskers and black lips. Don't have any black lipstick? Grab your fave black eyeliner to line and fill the surface of your pout. Meow.

5. Basic Black Cat

You can make this basic but super cute black cat happen with some foundation and loads and loads of black eyeliner used in a variety of ways.

6. Vampire Demon

This vampy and glam demon look was created with a simple staple of products that are already in your makeup bag. Pink and black shadows, along with powder and lipstick, will do the trick.

7. Sexy Vampire

Yes, Roxette Arisa used a lot of products to transform into a sexy vampire, complete with the requisite, blood-stained mouth. But it's mostly stuff in every makeup lover's daily kit, save for the stage blood. Red lipstick, red gloss, eyeshadow, highlighter, concealer, and more all came together to create this look. You can recreate the fake blood by mixing gloss and lipstick.

8. Sewn Mouth

No stage or special effects makeup were used in the creation of this awesomely creepy mouth. It looks so real and so stitched up. The only assist came from the black string, which you can grab at CVS or whichever drugstore you also shop for makeup.

9. Smoky Eyed Skeleton

You can sorta follow a long-held makeup rule with this tutorial. Usually, if you do a heavy, smoky eye, you balance it out with a soft, muted lip. That kind of happens here. The smoked out eyes and defined nose have a terrific counterpart with the softer skull mouth where "teeth" are visible.

10. Zombie

This zombie transformation is so fun. This makeup lover used a few face products (foundation, concealer, and contour) and some eyeshadows to achieve this awesomely easy look.

11. Bloody Mary

You can do a lot with black eyeliner and red lipstick. But didja know that you can morph into a bruised and sliced Bloody Mary with those two products? Sure, other items will offer an assist. But those two makeup bag staples are responsible for the bulk of this look. It's creeped out and cool.

12. Skull Girl

This intense skull girl tutorial takes two minutes, some Q-tips, makeup remover, black gel liner, and white kohl liner. Yep, that's it. You will need to be heavy handed with your products in order to achieve this look. But it's easy to design and you'll use a minimum of products you already own. More people need to see and copy this look.

13. Deer

This doe-eyed look was created with a variety of liquid and liners and pencils and powders — all of which you already own.

Go ahead and reach into your makeup bag to create your Halloween costume this year.