13 Hard-Hitting Phoenix Rally Protest Signs That Refuse To Let Trump Off The Hook

by Cate Carrejo
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Donald Trump's latest campaign event was met with a massive wave of protesters Tuesday night, who brought their best resistance art to show off. The signs at the Phoenix Trump rally counter-protest were exceptional in the way they captured the current political moment in America.

The rally attracted thousands of protesters, though Trump didn't want to admit it during the rally itself — massive crowds were pictured outside the Phoenix Convention Center for the protests. Many people cited the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend as motivation for attending the protest, which was clearly evidenced by the signs at the counter-rally. References to Nazism and white supremacy were much more prevalent than in previous protests, with far fewer signs about health care, immigration, and other issues than have been seen in the past.

Despite the high political tensions and large crowds, the protests seem to have remained peaceful. Counter-protesters marched through the streets of downtown Phoenix without incident, which is a welcome relief for people across the country. The focus seemed to be really on voicing objections, and of course, creating some amazing art through which to do so. Check out these awesome signs for inspo for your next protest.

Shouts Out To Them

This Easily Adaptable Slogan

Power To The Resistance

Why You Can't Stereotype People

There Seriously Could Never Be Enough Humor Mined From Trump's Hair

Be sure to also check out the bottom right picture.

Grab Him By His Taxes

It's ALWAYS Necessary To Remind People

Just ... Just No

It's Not Exactly A Sign But ...

The Most Savage Sign Of All

I truly aspire to be this extra.

Though Trump was hesitant to admit there more than a "few" protesters outside of his rally, it's clear that protesters showed up in droves in make powerful statements with these signs.