13 Hilariously Bad 90s Films Worth Watching

by Danielle Jackson

Oh, childhood. If you grew up in the '90s, then you probably remember growing up watching tons of films with questionable plots that likely went unnoticed because of how easy it was to stimulate your young mind. Nostalgia can make you look back on all that time you spent as a child and remember the movies you watched as some of the best pieces of film ever made. But looking back as an adult, it’s time we have a talk about how there were some hilariously bad films made in the '90s that we still deem worth watching (again) anyway.

There's nothing like re-watching a film you loved growing up as an adult, and discovering some major plot holes that you were too young to come across years ago. The fact is that some films are just funny. Not necessarily because they’re supposed to be, but because they're just so bad that they’re good. That logic is kind of how there are more than a few insanely bad movies made decades ago that are considered classics today. Still, no matter how bad these movies are, they're most definitely worth the watch for the LOLs. Here's a short list of a few to help you jog your memory.


'Spice World'

Spice World saw the Spice Girls finding themselves in the craziest of situations all amidst bouncing around London on a double decker tour bus and performing some of their biggest hits for their fans throughout. It wasn’t exactly the best film of the decade, but there was pretty much nothing that we didn’t love about the Spice Girls and watching their display of Girl Power.


'Major Payne'

Damon Wayans once starred in this hilarious comedy about a discharged Major who ends up training a group of cadets at a Virginia prep school.


'Bride of Chucky'

Half humor and half horror, Bride of Chucky is the fourth installment in the Child’s Play film series. After being destroyed, Chucky is brought back to life by former girlfriend Tiffany, who gifts him with a female doll as a way to taunt him. But when Chucky kills Tiffany and uses a spell to transfer her soul into the doll she gave him, things take a turn for the interesting.


'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead'

In a perfect world, we all would’ve been able to score a kick-ass, high fashion job right after — or before — graduating high school. But, even though a situation like that is extremely unlikely, that didn’t stop us from ignoring that huge plot hole and making this movie one of our faves anyway.


'Mars Attacks'

Who would’ve thought a film about an alien invasion could actually be so hilarious? When hundreds of martians invade earth and terrorize Las Vegas, a small group of survivors must figure out a way to defeat their new enemy and get to safety without being destroyed in the process



Kind of dumb, but also kind of a classic. Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin star as two dopey best friends who wander into what they think is a shopping mall, only to find themselves stuck in a bio-dome that’s to be sealed off for a year due to an experiment.



Based on the popular SNL comedy sketch, Coneheads stars Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin as two aliens trying their best to adapt to life on earth in order to raise their teenage daughter (Michelle Burke).



This film is...a lot. The totally not-safe-for-work drama stars Saved by the Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi, who gets way more than she bargained for when her dreams of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl actually come true.



This film is probably the reason why you hate snakes. A camera crew heads to the Amazon rainforest to shoot a documentary about a lost Indian tribe, but somewhere down the line they end up helping a snake hunter find and capture an Anaconda of record-breaking size. I’m sure you can guess that this probably wasn’t the smartest idea for any of them.


'Billy Madison'

The film’s title character, played by funny guy Adam Sandler, is a dim-witted, near-thirty-year-old man who also happens to be the heir to his father’s multi-million dollar company. To prove to his father that he’s competent enough to be named his successor, he must repeat grades 1-12 in two-week intervals.


'Half Baked'

This modern classic film sees Dave Chappelle as the leader of a group of three half-wits who take to selling drugs to raise enough money to bail their best friend — who was arrested for accidentally killing a diabetic police horse by feeding it a load of junk food — out of jail.


'The Brady Bunch Movie'

So, as much as we all loved watching The Brady Bunch growing up, this — and all of the sequels that came after — was a film that was always good for a few laughs.



It's hard to determine what about this film was better: seeing Will Ferrell play Jesus or watching Molly Shannon make out with a tree. Either way, it's all hilarious.

So kick back and rewatch hilariously bad movies for a good laugh.