13 La Croix Pairings That Will Impress Even Your Fanciest Guests

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Summer is officially here, which means it's officially La Croix season. If you've been on the internet ever at any point in the last year or so, you know what La Croix is: A much-beloved sparkling water with a bevy of fruit flavors to choose from. And I don't know about you, but for me, La Croix's semi-dry, not-quite-sweet taste always makes me hungry. Luckily for me, there are literally endless La Croix food pairings out there, and I've got a roundup of combos that are so delicious they'll impress even your fanciest friends.

As this rock star of a tweet puts it, "La Croix taste like if you were drinking carbonated water and someone screamed out loud the name of a specific fruit in the other room." La Croix is not super strongly flavored, but there's more than enough to build flavor pairings. Considering La Croix has become a kind of iconic millennial drink (the kind of thing some folks start doing ironically and then just end up doing), if you're hosting a party this summer, tossing out some gourmet AF La Croix and food pairings is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Whether you're having people over for a night of Netflix or you're hosting a rooftop party, these pairings will wow your guests — and make them wish they'd thought of 'em first.


Melon Pomelo + Prosciutto

Juicy melon plus a bite of citrus will blend perfectly with salty proscuitto, and if you're really feeling fancy, you can pair the proscuitto with smoky gouda to up the meat factor, or with smooth, mild mozzarella and crackers to counter that saltiness.


Lime + Taco Bites With Radish Slaw

There's literally nothing better than fresh-squeezed lime on tacos. And by making tiny taco cups using tortillas and something like a cake pop pan, you can hand your guests bite-size tacos with the perfect filling and, obvs, topped with a lime-and-cilantro-spiced slaw.


Blackberry Cucumber + Brie And Peppercorn Turkey

Fresh berries, crisp turkey, and mellow brie make the perfect trio — and the refreshing aftertaste of cucumber is a good palate cleanser... for your next bite, of course. You don't have to go all-out Thanksgiving, either; deli turkey works perfectly here. If you can find deli turkey that's edged with peppercorns (or even sundried tomato or garlic and herbs), get it shaved, toss it on some crackers with delicious, soft bites of brie, and you'll have that gourmet picnic #aesthetic goin' on.


Pamplemousse + Warm Salted Pretzels

Pamplemousse — aka grapefruit — pairs incredibly well with salt, You can cheat a little on this one if your guests won't turn their noses up at bagged pretzels. But if you really want to go all out, bake some big, soft pretzels and sprinkle them liberally with salt.


Mango + Smoky Pulled Pork

The uniquely citrus-sweet taste of mango pairs ridiculously well with barbeque sauce, and both of those are the perfect pair for slow-cooked pulled pork. If you can get your hands on pork that's been smoked with applewood, toss in some homemade coleslaw (don't go light on the celery seed!) and you'll be setting your guests up for an unforgettable experience.


Passionfruit + Carrot Cupcakes

Passionfruit is definitely a dessert-y flavor, so if you're up for some baking, treat your guests to carrot cupcakes — and for some extra oomph, top cream cheese icing with freshly shaved curls of lemon peel.


Pure + Pea And Mint Risotto

Pure is La Croix's "plain" flavor, which means it's an opportunity to go a little wild with flavors. And look, I'll totally admit it: This dish is snatched right off the royal wedding lunch menu. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle served pea and mint risotto topped with pea shoots, truffle oil, and parmesan crisps, and honestly, it sounds like the perfect summer dish.


Lemon + Cream Cheese And Lox Bagels

Lemon La Croix is great anytime, but it will seriously shine in the a.m. If you're hosting brunch, pair some toasty sesame bagels with cream cheese and lox, then sit back and taste the magic.


Peach Pear + Goat Cheese And Figs

Goat cheese and figs is one of the most classic pairings out there, but when you add a twist of peach and pear, it turns the slightly heavy taste of figs into an uberdelicious fruit medley. You can eat the goat cheese and figs raw, but if you're looking to impress, you can bake them instead: Just brush the figs with olive oil and stuff them with the goat cheese, and voilà.


Berry + Gourmet Popcorn

Honestly, berry will go well with *any* popcorn, but if you're keeping it snazzy, you can offer a trio of savory and sweet popcorns. Try popcorn drizzled with garlic butter and dusted with freshly ground sea salt, maple-bacon popcorn (seriously), and popcorn dipped in homemade caramel sauce.


Tangerine + Homemade Ginger Snaps

Tangerine is the perfect punchy, attention-grabbing flavor to be paired with an overwhelming taste like ginger. If you've got guests who don't mind having their palates shocked awake, this is one heck of an option.


Coconut + Tart Fruit Salad

Coconut's light flavor will complement the citrus undertones in any fruit salad. But this is an opportunity to take your salad skillz beyond grapes and apples. Try something new: Passionfruit, dragonfruit, starfruit, or even goldenberries, paired with some classics like pineapple and cherries.


Orange + Spicy Tuna Roll

It's sushi night, y'all. Orange goes especially well with tuna, but honestly, you could have it with any roll. Just remember you may need something a little less flavored to wash down that wasabi.


No matter the occasion, there's a La Croix food pairing for you — and for your lucky, lucky guests.