13 Last Minute NYE Party Ideas You Still Have Time To Plan

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So, you weren't really planning on having a party this year, but New Year's Eve is fast approaching and you and your friends still don't have plans. And now, you're starting to think that hosting a party might be the only solution. You know you don't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on some prix-fixe dinner situation, and meeting up with friends before midnight becomes literally impossible if you live in any sort of city — so the only option that's left is start Googling last minute New Year's Eve 2017 party ideas. But instead of overwhelming yourself with traditional party planning, take a tip from someone who always waits until the very last minute to throw a party: me.

Despite how intense a last-minute party planning situation might sound, New Year's Eve is actually one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. Thematically, New Year's Eve is all about sparkles, alcohol, and light bites. You don't have to spend much money or time decorating — as long as you have a well-stocked bar, some candles, some room for grooving and snacks, your guests are going to be happy. So go for it, take a deep breath and text your group chat that you're going to throw a party. Once you get the supplies and the vacuum cleaner running, you'll be so glad that you don't have to leave the house and that the party is coming to you. Here's everything you need to know about being a last-minute hostess extraordinaire.

Send An Evite

Don't be lazy and rely on texting! Put together a proper invitation with all the details. That will make things easier for you in the long run, because you won't have people texting you all day for the details. Put everything in one document, including location, to what to wear, what to bring, and when to arrive.

Suggested A Theme

If you want to spiff things up, consider a theme. Decades? Ideas that didn't make it to Halloween? Black-tie? Pajamas? Give people something to work with!

Re-purpose Your Christmas Lights

Don't get rid of those Christmas lights just yet! Wrap the lights around your home to inspire a twinkly, romantic vibe that will make your guests think you're a lot more prepared than you really are.

Hit Up Party City

If your home is still feeling a bit too casual, head to Party City and get some retro streamers, some metallic balloons, and some New Year's hats and noise makers.

Move The Furniture

Even if your living room set up is adorable and totally functional, move everything towards the walls. What's functional for a few people is nonfunctional for a group of people. Make room for people to dance and hang around.

Make A Decades Playlist

Don't make your party awkward with a playlist that's too short. Download songs from each decade, spacing them out so that songs from this decade don't start playing until after midnight.

Set Up A Rom-Com Projection

If you or a friend has a projector, pick a rom-com, clear off a wall and let it play all night without sound. It will give people something to look at, it will set a vibe and be an extra fun party bonus.

Serve Mini Bites

If you don't want to spend a fortune feeding everyone, cut up a bunch of larger foods and serve them as appetizers. For example, you can cut one burger into about four burger "bites" and serve the pieces on tooth pics. Or you could do the same with grilled cheese, or deli sandwiches. You can also put pasta or salad in shot glasses!

Have A Back Up Pizza Plan

Make sure you have a pizza place that delivers on speed dial. While light bites might work for most of the night, you might need to call in a pizza if your guests decide to stay late.

Do Champagne Flute Crafts

You're going to want to hide your nice glassware for this kind of party, but that doesn't mean that you have to use boring plastic cups. Instead, leave out some stickers, paint pens and glitter and let your guests decorate and personalize their glass.

Do A Group Toast

Before midnight, turn down the music, make sure everyone's got a glass to toast, and start a positivity train by going around the room and sharing something that you're grateful for and something you look forward to changing in the new year — it will totally help your guests bond.

Set Up A Dessert Table

Just grab all the things that look good to you in the sweets aisle in the grocery store. Pour a little bit of each one into a bowl and let your guests create their own dessert creations. It's cheaper and easier than baking for an unknown number of guests.

Give Out Doggy Bags

If you don't want to be stuck with heaps of junk food on New Year's Day, let your guests fill up little plastic baggies of treats to take home with them, incase they get hungry on the way home!