'Game Of Thrones' Can Teach You So Much

If you want to learn how to be a better, wiser person, Westeros is not a bad place to look — especially if you need tips on how to survive in a world of harsh realities. Game of Thrones is full of life lessons it's just waiting to teach viewers, if only they will open themselves up to the possibility that Jon Snow actually does know something after all. (Actually, all of the best life lessons come from Tyrion — he drinks and know things, remember?)

Granted, the world of Game of Thrones is also full of advice you don't want to take. You just have to sort out the scary lessons from the ones that make sense. Wise viewers know the smart, political fantasy has more to offer than dragons and ice zombies — although, both of those things are a big draw.

Westeros is a vast world, populated with savvy survivors who can make your day-to-day struggles feel so much more manageable. Asking for a raise is always going to be less terrifying if you channel Daenerys. And when you think about everything Arya has been through, it will always put your bad day in perspective.

Here are 13 life lessons you can learn from watching Game of Thrones because sadly, just screaming "Dracarys!" won't solve all your problems.

1. The Pack Survives

Ned's words to his children should be taken to heart, even if you're not a Stark. Whether your pack consists of your family or your friends, a person is strongest when they are surrounded by a support system.

2. Never Forget Who You Are

Tyrion told Jon to own the words that hurt him and embrace his past. Owning your own truth means no one can ever use it against you.

3. Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon

You are the dragon in this scenario, and fire is adversity. No matter what hardships you face, always remember you are strong and capable, and you can come out on the other side just like Daenerys always does.

4. A Mind Needs Books

Books broaden a person's horizons like nothing else. It's no coincidence that the show's learned characters, like Tyrion and Sam, are just as valuable as the fighters.

5. Not Today

Arya's mantra is perfect for when you need a reminder to keep going forward, even when you are tired or afraid.

6. You Know Nothing

It's not an insult. The world is vast and full of different cultures and viewpoints. With so much knowledge just waiting to be accumulated, you should always be open to learning and listening to other perspectives.

7. Power Resides Where You Believe It Resides

If you want the power, project it. It's already in you, it's not something you have to wait to be given.

8. There Is No Honor In Tricks

You gain very little in life by purposefully deceiving others. Be as honest as possible with the people you meet, and don't bother wasting your time on people who just want to play games.

9. Break The Wheel

Game of Thrones' most enduring life lesson is those who believe there is only one way of doing things are the first to be left behind. If you want the world to change, you can make it happen.

10. Winter Is Coming

While you shouldn't spend all of your time worrying about the future, being mindful that hard times can happen at the most inopportune moments is the only way you can be prepared for them — both financially and emotionally.

11. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Returning favors, paying off what you owe, being there for people — there's a lot of wisdom in the Lannister house words.

12. Someone Who Won't Listen Can't Hear

If you don't listen to others, you can't grow as a person.

13. Every Flight Begins With A Fall

There will always be setbacks in life, but nothing worth having is ever attained easily.

Let these wise words from Westeros guide you as you live your best life — these amazing characters know what they're talking about.