11 Smart Tattoos for ‘Game of Thrones’ Lovers

Underneath all the nudity, war and surprise deaths, Game of Thrones is packed with wisdom. The show is practically a quote machine, most of which are perfect for smart Game of Thrones tattoos. I mean, take any chapter or script apart and you'll find a dozen quotes good enough to make your Twitter bio. But you'll also find quotes and imagery good enough to tattoo on your body for life. Good enough to last longer than it takes George R.R. Martin to write the next book (take FOREVER, gosh!).

House sigiils, banners and mottoes are a given win for any fan, but what if you want something a little deeper. A tad smarter? Something you have to look at and maybe think about for a second? Or something just a tiny bit different than all those dragons and one-eyed ravens out there?

These smart Game of Thrones tattoos are only a tiny sample of all the awesome artwork and brilliant scenes or lines from the series, but they should do the job of getting your muses flowing. After all, you don't want to just copy these. That would be plagiarism, right?

Anyway, go forth to your local licensed, sanitary tattoo parlor and take what is yours with fire and blood. Maybe don't pay the iron price for your tattoo, though, because you'll probably go to jail.

1. All Men Must Die

But do all get to try on other people's faces? Jelly.

2. Moon Of My Life

Because if these two can find love, there's hope for us all.

3. A Man Who Never Reads Lives Only Once

"A mind needs books like a stone needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge."

4. Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords

But swords still cut pretty deep. Just sayn'.

5. For The Watch

I don't want to talk about it. Like, at all.

6. Even Ser Jamie Needs A Hand Sometimes

See what I did there?

7. Team Ygritte For Life.

He knows where to put it. That's got to count for something, right?

8. Hodor

Hodor. Because Hodor.

9. Mother Of Dragons

I don't have kids, but I imagine it's a lot like being the mother of dragons.

10. The Long Night Approaches

Same difference, right?

11. The King Shits, The Hand Wipes.

Because the Hand of the King's pin in basically the new ride or die bestie tat.