13 Desserts You Can Buy At McDonald's All Over The World


There are a lot of good reasons to have a passport — and to use it. You can travel the world. You can experience other cultures. You can learn empathy and awareness from being exposed to people around the world and seeing that, at our core, we all have a shared sense of humanity. But most importantly, you can eat the hell out of the food everywhere you go. Travelling is pretty much all about food and this list of McDonald's desserts from around the world will have you wanting to book your next trip, stat. Seriously, I base most of my holidays around what I'll be eating when I'm there — and I highly recommend you do the same.

McDonald's may be a favorite in the US of A — but around the world, there is an embarrassment of culinary delights waiting to be had. International fast food restaurants are always an amazing mix of home-based favorites and local flavors, which can be unexpectedly delicious in combination — and the McDonald's dessert offerings are no different. From foreign twists on the classic pie and McFlurry options to some totally unexpected numbers, there are so many different desserts to choose from.

Here are 13 desserts you'll find at McDonald's around the world that you definitely don't want to miss on your travels.


"All Set" Waffle Cone — McDonald's Japan

Firstly — let's talk about the fact that they have actual waffle cones in Japan. You can get them with a variety of toppings, but the "all set" option includes fruit, hot fudge, and nuts. YESSS.


Brownie & Hot Fudge — McDonald's India

I love that McDonald's India calls this little number, "Sweet flavored paradise of soft vanilla ice-cream that melts in mouth and surprises with a blast of chocolate or strawberry." SWEET FLAVORED PARADISE INDEED.


Baked Strawberry Pie — McDonald's Canada

For those of us who don't like apple pie (that's right, we exist and are persecuted on a daily basis by apple pie being all over the damn place), McDonald's Canada offers something so much better with this strawberry pie option.


Melon McFloat — McDonald's Japan

What is a Melon McFloat? Well, some melon-flavored amazingness in drink form, topped with some swirls of vanilla ice cream. It sounds ridiculously refreshing.


Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry — McDonald's UK

We all know that Cadbury is the king of all chocolate — but you can get a Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry in the UK which looks pretty close to perfect.


McSwirl — McDonald's India

Sure, you can get a McDonald's ice cream cone pretty much everywhere in the world — but McDonald's India lets you get it with a crunchy chocolate shell. Talk about being a little extra.


Chocolatey Donut — McDonald's UK

Why don't more McDonald's have donuts? You can get this chocolate-topped ball of delicious at McDonald's UK.


Red Fruit And Meringue McFlurry — McDonald's Netherlands

OK, so different McFlurrys are pretty much a staple of McDonald's around the world — but I thought this was one of the coolest options out there. Red Fruit and Meringue McFlurry? Well done, Netherlands.


Chocolate Nanaimo McFlurry — McDonald's Canada

The other McFlurry that deserved a shout out was this Nanaimo option from McDonald's Canada. This traditional Canadian treat is custardy, chocolaty, and crunchy — plus it's even better in McFlurry form.


White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie — McDonald's Netherlands

A classic white chocolate and raspberry cookie — simply the best from McDonald's Netherlands.


Cheese Pie — McDonald's Mexico

OK, this blew my mind — you can get a classic apple pie in McDonald's Mexico (pictured above). But you can also get a cheese pie and it's actually listed in the dessert section right next to it. I'm curious — I'm definitely curious.


Dinosaur McFlurry — McDonald's Malaysia

McDonald's Malaysia is out here making the FOMO extremely real with this "Dinosaur McFlurry," which includes "iconic soft serve mixed with chocolate malt powder and puffs."


Strawberry And Cream Cheese Patty — McDonald's Russia

Why not add cream cheese into the mix? This little number from Russia gives you strawberry and cream cheese in what Google translate calls a "patty" but is clearly not a patty — it's more like a pie of sorts. It also seems to be different than the classic pie crust — and looks more, dare I say, deep fried. Strawberry, cream cheese, fried-ness — can you imagine something more glorious?

There are so many amazing international McDonald's items — many of which we'll never see at home. If these don't make you grab your passport, I'm not sure what will. Happy travels!