13 Tearful Memes & Tweets That Capture Why 'Love, Simon' Is Such An Important Film

The new Love, Simon trailer dropped on Jan. 16, and everyone has already gone through approximately two boxes of tissues because of it. While the first trailer for the high school rom-com came out in late November, the new Love, Simon trailer is giving people even more feels, which didn't seem possible. That's because the first trailer for the new movie based on the 2015 YA novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, made everyone basically lose their minds with excitement. As a result, memes and tweets about the latest Love, Simon trailer are taking over Twitter.

Love, Simon, which comes out on March 16, plays up a bunch of beloved high school rom-com tropes, but it also sets itself apart because the film tells the story of a young boy coming to terms with — and celebrating — his homosexuality.

One of the greatest things about Love, Simon, which fans have gushed about on Twitter, is how it normalizes an LGBTQ love story. Rather than take a more dramatic or "high-art" approach to this subject, like Call Me By Your Name and Moonlight do, Love, Simon is pure fun. Sure, it includes its fair share of teenage angst and self-discovery, but it also allows a homosexual teenage love story to resemble other classics, such as Pretty in Pink, and more recently, Easy A. Of course, that's not to say that coming out while coming of age story isn't central to the movie — as it should be. It's just that all of this put together has everyone on the internet sharing endless sob emojis.

These are some of the best reactions to the new Love, Simon trailer, which show how emotionally impactful and amazing the movie can be.


Some Emotions Can Only Be Expressed Through Images

The trailer lets you feel such a mixture of emotions — all equally potent.


One Writer Points Out How Important LGBTQ Representation Is For Teens

It's true that the more varied the representation, the better. Hopefully even more LGBTQ-focused movies will come out, so there can be plenty in every genre.


And Some Could Only Talk About Their Tears Before Typing Nonsense

Because words just don't cut it sometimes.


Yeah, It's Cheesy & That's Why It's So Exciting

Bring on the quintessential high school movie things. More awkward high school dances focusing on LGBTQ characters, please.


Just The Trailer Alone Is Enough To Make History

Should all future rom-coms just be canceled?


One Person Classifies Watching The Movie As An Act Of Self-Love

They have a point, too. Even just watching the trailer could increase your good vibes.


You Might Want To Stock Up On Tissues In Preparation

Think of it as Y2K prep, but more like Y-tear-K.


The Countdown Has Started

March 16 sounds far away, but it will probably go by fast, so don't worry.


This Picture Says It All

It's the kind of trailer that leaves you staring up at the ceiling for hours, in a daze.


Watching It On Repeat Could Be A Cathartic Experience

If you need a good cry, this is a great way to let it all out.


The Quote From Jennifer Garner's Character Is Extra Poignant

Because anyone who has hid their true identity from themselves has probably known that feeling.


And Other Parts Are Relatable Too

Because who doesn't want their mom to swoop in and save them every day?


And Then More Tears Were Shed

Because the trailer is just that good.

Yes, the two minutes and 32 seconds of the second Love, Simon trailer has sent the internet into a tender state. If you need to take a few minutes to breathe after watching it, everyone will understand.