13 Movies On Netflix So Ridiculous You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking About Them


When you're scrolling through Netflix trying to decide what movie to watch, you're prompted with tons of different choices, from low-key indies to Academy Award-winning dramas. And mixed into all of the options are a handful of films with ridiculous storylines, movies you can tell from the outset that you're going to totally obsess over. Some of these works are silly because they feel far from reality, while others just feature absolutely hilarious scenarios. Whatever the case, these 13 movies on Netflix are so ridiculous you won't be able to stop talking about them long after the credits roll.

Netflix is full of unique movies that people often overlook when choosing what to watch. Yet that's a shame, because some of these films are seriously entertaining, even if you won't be sure while watching if you think the movie is actually pretty good or just wacky AF. Either way, you'll likely find yourself absolutely wanting more of these movies that make no sense. So next time you need a film to watch on Netflix, pick one of these 13 options and prepare for some serious LOLs.

1. A Christmas Prince

You know those quirky and unbelievable love stories you see in so many Lifetime or Hallmark movies? This Netflix original holiday film would fit right at home with those flicks. It follows a journalist who goes undercover for her next big story when she falls for a prince of a fake European country.

2. The Bad Batch

The movie starts off as a romance, but quickly turns into a thriller about the search for a missing little girl. The movie may seem confusing at first, but you'll find yourself mostly focused on guessing which one of the characters is played by Jim Carey — he is completely unrecognizable.

3. Here Alone

Here Alone is about virus-infected zombie-like people who are attracted to the scent of fresh blood after an apocalyptic event wipes out most of the population. Ann (Lucy Walters) is alone in the woods and only has her car as shelter from the zombies, and things get wild quickly.

4. Tag

Tag features plenty of paranormal activities, alternate dimensions, a killing spree, and much more. The film follows a teenage girl named Mitsuki (Reina Triendl), who is on a path of self-discovery while running from various paranormal entities.

5. Bokeh

A couple wakes up in Iceland to find out that everyone else has vanished. There's no explanation at all as to why they left. Creepy, huh?

6. The Waterboy

Adam Sandler's character eating alligators for dinner and testing out various samples of H2O is hilariously stupid.

7. Sharknado

Shark-infested tornadoes fill up the West Coast beaches... seriously, who thought to put sharks in a tornado?

8. Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron catches a fly with her eyelashes in this movie. Now that is ridiculous.

9. Dog Eat Dog

William Defoe and Nicolas Cage star as a pair of ex-cons tasked with kidnapping a baby. There is little backstory as to why the baby is being kidnapped; however, Cage and Defoe's antics will have you glued to the screen.

10. Bright

The movie takes place in a world where aliens and humans co-exist and it's absolutely bananas.

11. Mute

Mute follows a mute bartender who is searching for his missing love, and not much of what happens in the movie makes any sense.

12. Game Over Man!

Shaggy taken in as a kidnapped victim is hilariously strange.

13. The Outsider

After World War II, Nick Lowell (Jared Leto), an American inmate, stays in Japan to become a member of a notorious crime organization and falls in love with someone he shouldn't. It's... a lot.

These movies are so ridiculous, they deserve their own category on Netflix.