13 Movies Starring Your Fave 'This Is Us' Actors, From 'Imperium' To 'A Walk To Remember'

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This Is Us has only been making audiences sob uncontrollably for two seasons, and yet it feels like the show has always been there. But just because it feels like we've all always been a part of the Pearson family doesn't mean we actually have. The same thing goes for the actors who play them, and thank goodness for that, because that means that while you wait for Season 3, you can watch these 13 movies starring This Is Us actors.

A lot of This Is Us stars have been were working in television long before the show. Exhibit A: Milo Ventimiglia, who was known as Rory's boyfriend Jess on Gilmore Girls long before he became America's dad Jack on This Is Us. But they've also all been in movies too — seriously, you name it, this cast as been there, done that. And so while you're hopelessly waiting for Season 3 of This Is Us to hit the airwaves, you can do more than just rewatch Seasons 1 and 2. There's another easy, fun way to get your This Is Us fix: movies starring your favorite This Is Us actors. Nothing can compete with watching the Pearson family together, but for now, watching the actors in their individual movies will have to be enough.

'Black Panther' — Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown has a very non-Randall supporting role in Black Panther. That said, just like Randall in This Is Us, Brown's Black Panther character has one of the most emotional scenes in the entire film that will have you reaching for your tissues.

'A Walk To Remember' — Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore made us all cry with her acting debut in A Walk To Remember, and clearly not much has changed. The tearjerking teen romance is really the only This Is Us substitute you need if you're looking for a love story that makes you swoon and a death that makes you cry.

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'Rocky Balboa' — Milo Ventimiglia

Paving the way for Sylvester Stallone's guest appearance on This Is Us, Milo Ventimiglia starred as his son in Rocky Balboa. In Creed, it's mentioned that Rocky's son has moved away and barely keeps in touch with his dad, but who knows, maybe the two will reunite on screen once more.

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'Because I Said So' — Mandy Moore

If you love This Is Us and have fantasized about a This Is UsGilmore Girls crossover that doesn't include Jack/Jess (blasphemous, I know), then you're going to want to check out Because I Said So. The rom-com stars Mandy Moore as a young woman looking for love and dealing with her meddling mother. Oh, and one of her sisters happens to be played by Lauren Graham.

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'Imperium' — Chris Sullivan

Let's face it: you either love Toby or you hate him. But no matter how much you might dislike Toby, it's still quite a shock to see actor Chris Sullivan play a white supremacist in Imperium. (Alternatively, Sullivan also plays Taserface in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.)

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'Marshall' — Sterling K. Brown

Fans of This Is Us' time-hopping ways can go way back in time with Marshall. Sterling K. Brown stars in the film as Joseph Spell, a black man accused of murder who turned to Thurgood Marshall for legal help.

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'Blackout' — Susan Kelechi Watson

Years before she was one half of one of the most beautiful couples on television, Susan Kelechi Watson played a supporting role in Blackout, a movie about tensions running high during the Brooklyn blackout of 2003.

'She's The Man' — Alexandra Breckenridge

It's hard to remember She's the Man as anything other than the Amanda Bynes classic that kickstarted our love for Channing Tatum, but it also showed a very different side to actor Alexandra Breckenridge. She might play the sweet object of Kevin's affections on This Is Us, but in She's the Man, she was as self-centered and materialistic as they come.

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'Half Nelson' — Ron Cephas Jones

Ron Cephas Jones, aka William, had a small role in the Oscar-nominated drama Half Nelson, which starred Ryan Gosling as a drug addicted teacher.

'The Best Of Me' — Gerald McRaney

The second Nicholas Sparks adaptation on the list, The Best of Me tells a tale of high school sweethearts who find their way back to each other as adults. As This Is Us has shown, no good love story can happen without some help from Gerald McRaney (aka Dr. Nathan Katowski).

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'Spring Breakdown' — Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley plays some first class eye candy in Spring Breakdown, a role that his This Is Us counterpart, Kevin Pearson, would probably have played well.

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'Reparation' — Jon Huertas

Miguel gets a lot of hate from This Is Us fans because, let's face it, he's no Jack Pearson, but for those of you out there rooting for him, you'll get a kick out of seeing actor Jon Huertas play a menacing, mysterious figure who wreaks havoc on a troubled veteran in Reparation.

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'Kiss Of The Damned' — Milo Ventimiglia

Finally, if you've ever looked at Jack Pearson and thought, "Boy, he'd make a hot vampire lover," you'd be absolutely correct. Check out Milo Ventimiglia in Kiss of the Damned and you can see for yourself.

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Enjoy hot vampire Jack Pearson, everyone, as well as the cast in the rest of these movies.