13 Movies To See If You Loved 'The OA'


As much of a mess as 2016 was (though TBH, 2017 has been considerably worse so far), there was one consistent bright spot throughout the year: Netflix. The streaming service's original content really came into its own last year, with new shows like Stranger Things, Luke Cage, and the Gilmore Girls revival offering a quality escape when reality became too depressing. And as an extra gift, the network saved one of its best surprises for the end of the year when Netflix's The OA premiered on Dec. 16. The sci-fi mystery became an instant sensation, and now that you've no doubt already binged it, you're probably wondering what movies to see if you loved The OA.

The good news is that, unlike Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the team behind The OA, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, have actually already collaborated on a few films, and they are all likely to be enjoyed by anybody who dug The OA. As for the other recommendations, you'll probably want to focus on complex science fiction with a mystery element that will keep you guessing until the end. So with those parameters in mind, you should watch these 13 movies if you loved The OA.


'Sound Of My Voice'

Starring Marling, directed by Batmanglij, and written by both of them, this mystery thriller is about a cult leader who claims to be from the future.

Stream 'Sound of My Voice' here.


'The East'

Featuring the same writer/director/actor configuration as Sound of My Voice, but lacking a sci-fi element, this mystery about an anarchist group and the corporatist who infiltrates their ranks will still have you on the edge of your seat.

Stream 'The East' here.


'Another Earth'

This brilliant picture, in which Marling starred and co-wrote, uses its sci-fi concept of the discovery of a clone of Earth as a mere backdrop to tell a compelling story of grief.

Stream 'Another Earth' here.


'Midnight Special'

What is the deal with this kid? That's the mystery at the center of this recent gem.

Stream 'Midnight Special' here.



If you like the mind-bending elements of The OA, then it's time to go back to the OG of mind-bending movies.

Stream 'Inception' here.


'Blade Runner'

One of the greatest sci-fi mysteries ever, this 35-year-old film still has fans arguing about certain plot points.

Stream 'Blade Runner' here.


'Minority Report'

This blockbuster is routinely cited for its realistic depictions of future technology, but its central mystery is even more impressive.

Stream 'Minority Report' here.


'The Adjustment Bureau'

The third (and admittedly weakest) film here based on the work of author Philip K. Dick after Blade Runner and Minority Report, it will still make you question your reality.

Stream 'The Adjustment Bureau' here.


'Donnie Darko'

Your favorite movie in college is just as weird today.

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'Safety Not Guaranteed'

Considerably funnier than The OA, this movie still has some great sci-fi elements and a surprisingly good mystery.

Stream 'Safety Not Guaranteed' here.


'Children Of Men'

Simply one of the greatest dystopian films ever made, this masterpiece also illustrates the world's dependence on women.

Stream 'Children of Men' here.


'12 Monkeys'

Time travel, a world ending virus, possible delusions — this one's got it all.

Stream '12 Monkeys' here.


'Vanilla Sky'

Just try and figure out what's really happening before the big twist.

Stream 'Vanilla Sky' here.