Watch These Movies Next Time You're Home Sick

by S. Atkinson

You're convinced that you're young, powerful, and capable of anything — and then suddenly, you contract the flu and you can barely move, never mind make it onto Forbes' 30 Under 30 List via your Herculean feats at work. Whatever. This is just fate's way of telling you that you need to make your way through all of these movies that are ideal to watch when you're home sick. Besides, once you're back on your feet and you've gotten the raise, convinced the client to implement a change that will affect the lives of thousands for the better, or scheduled that one-to-one meeting with someone who isn't Donald Trump at the White House, you may gain attention. Media attention.

And when that interviewer leans in, microphone in your face, they'll want to know one thing and one thing only: "What was your inspiration?" "That's easy," you'll say, "My sick day." Because actually, inspiration strikes when you're least expecting it. Which — let's face it — is usually when you're kicking back before Pippi Longstocking and stuffing your face with popcorn. So, skip watching that worthy environmental documentary or some classy television. Today is all about escapism, fantasy, and wonder. Just as it should be when you're sick.


'The Wizard Of Oz'

Being home sick feels a bit like being a kid again — and what better way to revive your dwindling mood than a childhood favorite? This 1939 film is in technicolor, stars Judy Garland, and has a fire soundtrack. It's basically medicine in movie form.


'Pillow Talk'

This isn't just an incredible rom-com, it's an educational experience about America in the '50s. The whole premise of the film is that a man and a woman who don't get along very well share a "party line" — which apparently was a thing in the '50s, when multiple people were forced to share the same telephone circuit and could listen in on/interrupt other people's conversations. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue. Also: Doris Day, queen of your heart, stars.


'Mystic Pizza'

This coming-of-age movie is an '80s classic, not just because it was Julia Roberts' first non-TV movie, but because it's got it all: Gilmore Girls-esque small town eccentricity, pizza, and three very different women navigating the beginning of adulthood.


'Pippi Longstocking'

Makes sense, right? Since Pippi Longstocking's life is about goofing off in the face of adults trying to make her knuckle down and go to school and mind her manners, this will definitely make you feel better about skipping work.

Also, you're going to be inspired to try out a much bolder back-to-work outfit, thanks to Pippi's strong looks. P.S.: Make sure you opt for the 1973 original version (OK, technically speaking the Swedish movie came out in 1969, but the U.S. dubbed version came out in 1973), not the 1988 The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking version.


'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

I mean, exactly the same argument here. Some much-needed inspiration for why a day off every now and again isn't just a good call, it's downright essential.



Amélie is filled with childlike wonder about the state of the world, which, when your head is filled entirely with mucus, is much-needed.


'Mary Poppins'

Let's not even pretend that you're not going to end up just skipping the rest of the movies on this list and heading straight to this one. It's Disney, which you see as a seal of quality, it's got Julie Andrews, and anything with chimney sweepers dancing immediately makes you feel a little perkier.



Because musicals are a surefire way of turning that frown upside down, especially with a soundtrack as sunny as this one.


'My Fair Lady'

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Another musical, this time with Audrey Hepburn as smudge-faced flower girl who gets transformed into a passable London society lady. This is all very Princess Diaries, and you know nothing makes you feel better than a makeover movie.



Sometimes you just want to watch something comfortable and familiar. And surely I don't need to introduce one of the best Disney movies ever made to you, right? Embrace the uncomfortable realization that you may, possibly, still as an adult viewer have a crush on a cartoon character.


'The Goonies'

Because it's a classic for a reason: When a group of kids stumble across a treasure map, they're going to have to do more than figure out where One-Eyed Willy (it was made in the '80s, it was a different, more innocent time) buried his treasure. They'll have to compete with a family of criminals if they want to snatch the treasure for themselves.


'The Breakfast Club'

Because just like you, these kids are killing time. And who'd have thunk it? Their time away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of high school results in some profound revelations (plus one pretty unnecessary makeover). Also, Molly Ringwald.


'Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl'

OK, it's not rocket science, but it is completely wonderful. Whether you're there for the fact that Disney created a movie based on a pre-existing ride at Disneyland, for some vintage Keira Knightley vibes, or heck, just for the action-adventure of it all, you're going to feel way better after viewing.

So get ready to sail into your best sick day ever. After this movie marathon, you'll be feeling better again sooner than you'd expected.