13 People On The Strangest Date They've Ever Been On


Most likely you've been on a date where the entire time you were thinking, "Wait until my friends get a load of this." Whether it's the person you're with or the location you're in, strange dates happen for all kinds of reasons. A recent Reddit thread, "What's the strangest date you've ever been on?", received a ton of entertaining responses, which varied from endearing to downright creepy.

Especially in the age of online dating, it can be hard to know exactly what to expect from a date. You can end up facing a person who you have nothing in common with. You might find yourself planning an escape from your date the moment you begin a conversation or find that the other person is, or, sometimes, was, never interested. It's even possible you might be the reason the date is a weird one.

On the flip side, some couples shared stories where their strange dates actually led to long-term relationships or marriages. In the end, each date, no matter how odd, is a learning experience for the next one. Read on for some of the best Reddit submissions.

1I'm Engaged But Will You Get Me Groceries?


2Sure, I'd Love To Watch You Play Video Games


3A Happy Life Begins With Chicken Kiev


4Two Apartments And A Safe


5Sorry Wrong Joe


6An Age Appropriate Activity


7Zorb Together, Stay Together


8The Case Of The Mysterious Bear


9Be Weird And In Love


10Driving In Circles


11It's The Thought That Counts


12Ditch The Guy, Keep The Grandparents


13A Free Ride


While not all of these dates ended the way people had hoped, they became another interesting memory. One, I'm sure, they'll be telling the rest of their lives. Good luck out there, it is quite strange.