13 Valid Reasons To Not Be In A Relationship

by Laken Howard
Daniel Ernst/Fotolia

As most 20-somethings are well aware, it's more than a little tricky to tread the murky waters of modern dating and relationships. There's so much gray area — are we FWB? Exclusive? Full-blown BF/GF? — that it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you stand with someone. All this confusing are-we-or-aren't-we stuff makes for some serious dating struggles, both for singles and couples. Obviously, no one needs a relationship (and maybe you just aren't a relationship person, period), but that doesn't mean it can't be a little sad to be single if that's not what your heart really desires.

Using the hashtag #ReasonsIAintInARelationship, Twitter users poured their hearts out and admitted why they're still single — whether that's by choice or circumstance. Improper grammar aside (are people still saying ain't?), the tweets reveal some interesting truths about the struggle of being single in a world that seems overrun by cheaters, f*ckboys, and commitment-phobes.

Here are 13 of the funniest, most relatable reasons people are still single. For those of you who are unlucky in love but want a relationship, don't worry: if you're willing to put in effort and get out of your dating comfort zone, I have no doubt you'll find someone awesome.


Questionable Strategy But OK


*Flies Solo Fabulously*


All Valid AF Reasons


If You Use The Wrong 'Your' One More Time


Can't Argue With That Logic


Drama, Drama, Drama


It's The Simple Things


Did I Feed Myself Today?


Work Work Work Work Work


Elaine's Relatable Struggle


Hell No, You Can't 'Have A Drawer'


Dream Big


*Presses Snooze On Real Life*

The bottom line: you don't really need any reason for not being in a relationship. Working on yourself and your goals solo is totally cool, and you don't need to be actively dating all the time to feel fulfilled. There are so many benefits of being single and not dating anyone — like saving money and having more time for friends — so you shouldn't feel weird if you want to put your love life on hold. When you're ready, you can always put yourself back out there and open up to the possibility of finding love.