FYI, Target Has A Super Affordable Plant Collection & It's Just BEGGING To Be Instagrammed


I personally love the lush trend right now that is plant season. Their popularity has positively soared since the days when just buying succulents was the way to go. Thanks to the growing popularity of plants, we have an abundance of Instagram accounts like Urban Jungle Blog and The Jungalow that are purely devoted to what flora makes millennial hearts flutter.

For those who are dying to scratch that plant-based itch, you have options. Amazon has launched an exclusive plant department for those who want to shop around. But for those of us who are die-hard Tar-jay devotees, there are also plants you can buy from Target.

From flowers to cacti, Target has so many options for all of your aesthetic needs or practical needs. After all, not all plants are the same size or need the same amount of care. So rest assured there's one that can suit your style! And luckily, most of them are available to buy online, so it's no muss, no fuss.

And hey, a bonus: according to a recent research, you will most definitely benefit from having these guys around — a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that having indoor plants reduced stress and anxiety over time. Photosynthesis strikes again, y'all. Here are a few options from Target that will help you do the trick:


"Rosy Finch" Tomato Plant

"Rosy Finch" Tomato Plant, $19, Target

This small specimen can yield you fruits of your labor like no other. Any amateur gardeners can now grow mini cherry tomatoes in their household with limited space. Just stick 'em under sun and watch them reach their 12-inch potential. With delicious rewards to boot!


"August Beauty" Gardenia

"August Beauty" Gardenia, $35, Target

This baby from Target's Cotton Hill nursery is a true keeper. She can grow up to up to three inches in diameter, and has blossoms when she blooms. If you get her, make sure to keep her in partial shade (but she also likes the sun!).


"Baby Gem" Boxwood

'Baby Gem' Boxwood, $40, Target

You'll want to put this guy under full sun. The plant can grow as tall as it is wide and reach up to four feet. It resembles a little green mushroom head when in full bloom, so be prepared to die from the cuteness.


Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm, $20, Target

This plant can grow up to ten feet tall, and it's pretty aesthetically pleasing with its long leaves that resemble the best kind of stylish haircut out there. Its base also has a nice bulb-like quality to it.


Serene Peace Plant

Serene Peace Plant, $40, Target

Its real name is "Spathiphyllum," but the peace plant can help you relax otherwise. Look at the beauty of those snow white blooms against a backdrop of green leaves.


"Hot Pink"' Floramore Azalea

"Hot Pink" Floramore Azalea, $29, Target

Don't be deceived by its appearance pre-bloom — this flower looks like this when it takes on its final form. It's the perfect pop of color for your apartment, and its flowers are available for year-round display. That's right — unlike other azaleas, this floramore can withstand all four seasons. Plus, it's a cute shade of hot millennial pink.


"Gulf Stream" Nandina

"Gulf Stream" Nandina, $16, Target

If you want 24/7 all season color, look at 'Gulf Stream' Nandina for the ultimate stylista of the plant fam. It goes from shades of bronze and orange in the summer to blue-greens and gold in the fall, and also turns vibrant red in the winter. It's a bit more on the big side, as its height can be around three to four feet with a two to three foot spread. But if you can handle the size, your eyes will definitely be rewarded.


"Pink Icing" Bushel and Berry Blueberry

'Pink Icing' Bushel and Berry Blueberry, $19, Target

This self-pollinating trooper produces a lot of — you guessed it — blueberries. It is green and pink in the spring, and then transforms into blue for the fall. Its foliage is quite the sight to behond as it continues to produce large berries throughout the seasons.


Wooden Luxe Succulent

Wooden Luxe Succulent, $8, Target

The wooden vase sure is pretty, but look at the rounded, innocent leaves of this adorable succulent. Don't you just want to take it home and cuddle? Take care of it by putting it under partial shade and watch it grow to its full five inches.


"Hopley's" Abelia

"Hopley's" Abelia, $20, Target

In the spring, the leaves bloom with a lovely yellow and green — but come summer and early, it will give way to some gorgeous pastel pink and lilac blooms, giving you something to love about it all year round.


Dwarf Burford

Dwarf Burford, $16, Target

Described as a "compact evergreen holly," the dwarf burford apparently yields vibrant red berries in the winter and is perfect for your holiday decorations compilation. It can even be trimmed, with little to no harm to the essence of who it is.


Money Tree

Money Tree, $18, Target

Also known by the name "achillea," this tree will hopefully bring you lots of financial prosperity. It can grow up to 30 feet, so make sure you have room in your house/life for plant with such a big personality!


Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai

Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai, $50, Target

If you're willing to take on the commitment, try this compact plant. It works well in low light environments, but you need to keep watering it and giving it sun for approximately five years. As long as you put in the work to keep it alive, you'll end up getting a nice mini tree with a sturdy root as a key to spicing up your living room.