13 Powerful Not My President's Day Protest Sign Ideas

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While Presidents Day is normally seen as that holiday in February you aren't sure if you'll get off of work or school for or if you'll get semi-decent sales at department stores, this year, given the political climate, Presidents Day 2017's significance has become a major topic of discussion.

This holiday is meant to celebrate America's presidents, but our current president is holding on to less and less supporters who will to applaud him. According to CBS News, Trump's approval rating is currently at 40 percent. That's 21 points lower than the average one-month mark for new presidents. For comparison, at the same point Obama's approval rating was at 64 percent and Bush's was 62 percent. This means that 60 percent of Americans are not happy with the Trump presidency, a real majority. And the movement towards Not My President's Day has been gaining traction, with many protests expected for Monday.

If you are planning to spend your holiday protesting and are in need of some ideas for your sign check out these options that have been spotted at different protests. They are the perfect inspiration if you want to take a powerful, straightforward stance on the issues that matter most to you.

1. It Is, It Really Is

2. At 60 Percent And Growing

Author's own

3. It Can Take Years To Clean Up

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4. It Goes Beyond The U.S.

5. Racism Is The Problem

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6. Not The Time Travel You Were Looking For

7. Find Inspiration Through Leia

8. The Unfortunate Truth

9. Stand Together

10. Women Never Give Up

11. Won't Stop Till We're Equal

12. Remind Him Who's By His Side

13. Support Those Who Need Our Help

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It's easy to feel hopeless with so much uncertainty right now, but if you're attending a Not My Presidents Day protest, remember that you can make your voice heard and peacefully stand up for your rights.