13 Rainbow Pride Accessories You Can Get On Amazon Prime, Target & More

Courtesy of Brands

Happy Pride, everybody! If you live in a city, chances are there is more than one Pride celebration taking place near you during the next few weeks. If you don't live in a city, maybe you're planning to take a day trip to one. Either way, a huge part of the fun of attending a Pride event is planning what colorful getup you'll wear to celebrate the occasion. Luckily, there are plenty of rainbow Pride accessories on Amazon Prime and Target that offer a huge array of options for decking yourself out — and, if you happen to be a procrastinator, the good news is they'll also be able to ship them to you fast.

Most Pride celebrations can be traced back to the events that took place at The Stonewall Inn, in NYC on June 28, 1969; however, the iconic rainbow wasn't used as a symbol for the LGBT community until 1978. Gilbert Baker, an artist and drag queen, designed the first Pride flag for a march led by Harvey Milk in San Francisco. He was inspired, he told the Museum of Modern Art, by the need for something beautiful to represent the community. The rainbow came to mind because it was a way to represent the diverse aspects of gay identity. Plus, he said to MOMA, "[I]t’s a natural flag — it’s from the sky!"

It remains the most iconic and frequently used symbol in Pride today — so if you want to add your own unique flair to it, here are some affordable rainbow accessories that are perfect for Pride.

1. Button Pins

Rainbow Preferred Pronoun Pins


Cute and informative! Let the world know your correct gender pronouns with these cute pins. They are perfect for sharing with a friend who uses a different pronoun than you do, as the set comes with pins that read 'he," "she," and "they."

2. Rainbow Earring Set

Rainbow Pride Earring Set


This assortment of rainbow pride earrings comes with six sets of rose studs — one for each of the six colors on the modern rainbow Pride flag.

3. Rainbow Umbrella

Rainbow Panel Gay Pride Umbrella

Pride Shack

Sometimes life rains on your (Pride) parade, but that doesn't mean the celebration has to stop. A bright Pride umbrella will help you to shine your true colors through the storm.

4. Rainbow Heart Ring

Rainbow Smooth Hearts Ring

Pride Shack

This ring is a cute and versatile — perfect for those who want to keep the displays going after the parades and festivals are over, but can't always wear a rainbow t-shirt to work.

5. Rainbow Bi Pride Pin

Rainbow Bisexual Pride Pin


This cute, heart-shaped lapel pin features the bisexual pride flag, perfect for wearing with denim all year round.

6. Rainbow Scarf

Rainbow Scarf


A scarf? During the summer? If it's lightweight and rainbow, of course!

7. Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Bangle Bracelet


This option works perfectly as a wristlet or an anklet, depending on where there's more space on you left for accessorizing!

8. Rainbow Hat

Rainbow Trucker Baseball Hat


This hat isn't just fashionable, it's functional! Protect your noggin from the intensity of the direct sun you're bound to run into during Pride, and show off your colors while doing it. Plus, the trucker hat style give your head some room to breathe, so it won't overheat. Even the threads keeping this hat together are multicolored. Talk about detail!

9. Rainbow Mug

Rainbow Love is Love Mug

Human Rights Campaign Shop

This whimsical mug depicts rainbow hearts interspersed with gold accent ones. Around the inner rim, it reads "Love is Love" over and over again. As an added bonus it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

10. Rainbow Speaker Fanny Pack

Rainbow Speaker Fanny Pack


Perhaps the coolest accessory on this entire list, this fanny pack won't just hold your things, it'll play your music! You'll be like a bipedal boombox.

11. Rainbow Accessories Kit

Rainbow Accessories Kit


This handy little set provides you with all the essential accessories for any Pride celebration.

12. Rainbow iPhone Case

Rainbow LGBT Flag iPhone Case


Who says all functional accessories need to be wearable?!

13. Rainbow Socks

Rainbow Human Rights Campaign Socks

Human Rights Campaign

Not only are these socks fashionable and excellent quality, they display the iconic equal sign from the LGBTQ rights nonprofit, Human Rights Campaign.