Gretchen Rossi Needs To Come Back To 'RHOC'

Did you hear the good news? Some "old Housewives" are coming back for Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12, Andy Cohen told Bravo's The Daily Dish in May. It's not entirely clear just yet which familiar faces are coming back, but I'm a big believer that Gretchen Rossi should return to RHOC. Really, what other past Orange County Housewife would you want back on Bravo other than her?

She first joined the franchise in Season 4 and left after Season 8, which was a total bummer. Since her first day as a Housewife, there was just something special about Gretchen. The 38-year-old came into the lives of her co-stars with a fresh perspective, a carefree attitude, a highly-scrutinized relationship, and ready, willing, and able to get involved in the drama. When the Housewives cast someone like that, you know she's a winner and absolutely meant for reality TV.

Now that Heather Dubrow is exiting, it would be nice to have another well-known Housewife take her place, rather than someone completely new. It would also make Heather's departure much easier. Who's the perfect person to fill her shoes? She may not be considered "Fancy Pants," but Gretchen is definitely the right fit. My fellow RHOC fans may not agree with me, but hear me out.

1. She Makes The Most Sense

She already knows the other Housewives, including Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, and Kelly Dodd (Cohen confirmed she is returning). Save Kelly, I assume Vicki and Tamra will also be back for another season of drama. Even though she's been away for several seasons, her return would most likely be an easy transition. Not to mention, I'm dying to hear her perspective on everything and everyone.

2. She's Relatable

Do you see the main header image? She's wearing rollers and eating bacon. This is exactly the type of Housewife who viewers need and can relate to.

3. She's Now Friends With Vicki

Remember when Gretchen and Vicki Gunvalson didn't get along? Let's think back to '80s-themed Bunco Party. Yeah, that did not go well at all. Believe it or not, but now they are friends. Say what?

In March 2016, Gretchen told Bravo's The Daily Dish about their newfound friendship, "So ironically Vicki and I made up this last year, which was really cool and nice. And we talked a lot in the last season and I stayed in touch with her just to check in with her and see how she's doing."

That would make one interesting RHOC storyline, wouldn't it?

4. She's Also Friends With Kelly

You read that right. Gretchen and Kelly are friends. If you scroll through her Instagram, there are a ton of pictures featuring the two. They clearly get along really well. As Gretchen wrote next to one image of herself and Kelly, "So glad this girl called me to come meet her for lunch a few months back! Ever since then it's been nothing but fun and laughter." She even used the hashtag "#FastFriends."

Just imagine a Gretchen, Kelly, and Vicki team-up. RHOC may never be the same.

5. She Faces Drama Head-On

Gretchen was never one to shy away from drama. If you were wrong, she got in your face about it. If she didn't like what you said, she told you. Remember when she confronted her former best friend and co-star Alexis Bellino during the Season 7 trip to Costa Rica about Alexis' "pretentiousness"? As uncomfortable as a situation might be, Gretchen doesn't usually run away.

6. She Speaks Her Mind

You will never silence Gretchen. She is going to speak her mind and her truth no matter what. That's something the women learned early on when she first joined the series. It's also what makes Gretchen so fantastic. I'm all about women using their voices — even if it is for a ridiculous Housewives fight.

7. She Can't Escape The Tamra Madness

During Gretchen's first season, Tamra vowed to get the newbie "naked wasted" — and that's what Gretchen did. It's a scene that will never be forgotten. Since their initial introduction, Tamra and Gretchen have had a lot of ups and downs. Really, they didn't get along whatsoever. However, that all changed when they finally became friends in Season 8.

You could say their relationship has been quite the roller coaster. So much so, that they are once again no longer on speaking terms. While chatting with The Daily Dish last March, Gretchen revealed, "Clearly Tamra and I don't talk and whatever. It's not like I hate her; it's just that she's a non-issue in my life."

Tamra and Gretchen starring together again? Yes, this is the drama I need, stat.

8. She's Still With Slade

For those who thought Gretchen's relationship with Slade Smiley (he's been part of RHOC since Season 1) wouldn't last, you couldn't have been more wrong. In February, they celebrated eight years together. I know, I can't believe they've been together that long, either.

But seeing as they are still a couple, I know I'd love to see them on Bravo again and to get a much-needed update on their lives. They have been engaged for four years, so maybe a wedding is in their future? Whatever is ahead for them, it's great to see they are still happy and in love.

9. She's Not Afraid To Be Goofy

With all of the drama, Real Housewives needs lightness. Enter Gretchen and her goofiness. As serious as she can be, she's not afraid to embrace her silly side. It's always refreshing and adds fun to a series that can be heavy at times.

10. She's Extremely Open

Sometimes Housewives don't like to fully reveal themselves on television, which I totally get. But, not Gretchen. She's pretty much an open book. For example, let's think back to how honest she was about her hesitation to marry Slade. That couldn't have been easy to admit, which is another worthy Gretchen quality.

12. She Makes Fun Of Herself

Admittedly, Gretchen has said some things don't quite make sense. But, hey, at least she can laugh at herself! That's all that matters. Really, she can be a great sport, depending on the situation.

12. She Works Hard For Her Money

She's one of many Housewives who is an extremely hard worker. How can you not admire that? Not only does she have her own website, Get Glam With Gretchen, where she gives beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips, but she also has her own line of cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, home decor, etc., called Gretchen Christine. She even joined forces with former RHOC star Lizzie Rovsek on a swimwear line. It's called Gretchen Christine for SunKitten Swimwear. She certainly does have a knack for turning things she loves into business opportunities.

13. She's "Team Gretchen"

During her time on RHOC, Gretchen always looked out for herself. She was and probably will forever be "Team Gretchen." That's the type of strength and independence I can get behind.

Keep those fingers crossed that Gretchen makes her triumphant return.