13 Docs Bound To Give You Nightmares

Scary movies might seem like all fun and games — unless you're watching one that's non-fiction, and then you suddenly become convinced that the creaks you hear at night are not actually coming from old pipes. Documentaries, especially frightening ones, can really influence the way you think about any given subject, and leave you wondering long and hard about the state of the world. I gathered a list of docs that are chilling and seem just way too crazy to possibly be real, but somehow are. When you know exactly what humans are capable of by watching these movies, it's slightly terrifying. These documentaries are bound to give you nightmares, with subject matters like cannibalism, rape, animal cruelty, murder, and mental illness.

I'm speaking for myself when I say you probably don't want to marathon these movies, as you're sure to find something or many things on this list that will haunt you for years to come. With that said, though, if you're gutsy enough to sit through all of these films without flinching, I may need to update the list with your story. But seriously, I hope you can get some sleep after checking out some of these eerie true stories.


'Room 237'

If The Shining wasn't enough to make you abandon your adoration for boutique hotels, Room 237 gives you an inside look of the thriller that's haunted you for years.


'There's Something Wrong With Diane'

No one knows why Diane drives five children two miles away from home, but when you find out why, it's even more riddling.


'My Amityville Horror'

Daniel Lutz breaks his silence after 35 years, telling his version of what actually happened in the possessed house.


'Killer Legends'

This doc shares which urban legends are actually true.


'Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood'

The small town Satanic triple murder is explored in depth.


'The Imposter'

A Texas teen comes home after a few years with a story that isn't quite matching up.



After escaping an asylum, Andre Rand shares his gruesome, torture-filled story.


'Interview With A Cannibal'

Nothing will prepare you for the guy who has an appetite for human flesh. What's worse? He's a free man.


'The Bridge'

A filmmaker spent 365 days filming the Golden Gate Bridge, witnessing a total of 23 suicide attempts.


'Child Of Rage'

Beth's story of abuse and anger is horrifying.


'Farm To Fridge'

Need a surefire way to become a vegan? Here you go.


'Jesus Camp'

All about a summer camp designed to keep kids on the paths of righteousness by way of brainwashing.


'The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer'

A schizophrenic butcher used his grandmmother's backyard to perform the most heinous of crimes.

Scared yet? It's OK, I was freaked out even writing about it and now that we're on the same page... sweet dreams.