13 Spooky Podcasts You Need To Download ASAP If You Love Horror Novels

by Charlotte Ahlin

Like any book-lover, reading will always be my first love. But sometimes, when you're jogging, or riding on public transit, or lying face down on your rug after a long day of work, reading isn't the most convenient activity. That's when podcasts can pick up the slack. Listening to a good podcast is like having someone read to you, or like hanging out with your best friends (except that your best friends are minorly famous comedians, and you can't respond to anything they say). There are already a multitude of excellent podcasts for book-lovers. But what about for horror book-lovers? Here are a few spooky podcasts every book-lover need to download, because you can never have too many ghost stories.

Of course, audiobooks are a good choice if you're just looking to have a horror novel delivered to your brain via your ear-holes. But if you're looking for true crime, fully produced radio horror dramas, and brand new spooky stories from brand new authors, you need to check out the wonderful world of horror podcasts. Most of them are available online, for free, and nearly all of them will burrow their way into your subconscious and haunt your dreams. So check out these podcasts for all of your stomach-churning, spine-chilling, skin-crawling needs:

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My Favorite Murder

If you like true crime books, then why are you wasting your time not listening to "My Favorite Murder"? Hilarious hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk through real murders, serial killers, and grisly disappearances. It's equal parts nauseating and funny, and it will instantly convince you that there is an ax-murderer hiding under your bed right at this very moment.


The Wicked Library

Have you already read your way through every last Stephen King and Shirley Jackson book on the shelf? Are you hungering for new horror from new and independent horror authors? Check out "The Wicked Library" for disturbing stories of all kinds, brought to shuddering life by talented voice actors. Every bi-weekly show brings you new horror literature to make your morning commute that much more terrifying.


The Black Tapes

If your sanity means very little to you, then by all means, listen to "The Black Tapes." A serialized drama, "The Black Tapes" follows one journalist on his quest for the truth... and the ghosts (both literal and figurative) that he finds along the way. If you like your horror with a heaping helping of mystery, this is the audio drama for you.


The Dark Verse

"The Dark Verse" is, by it's own admission, a collection of "short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep." So that's... fun. Through both podcast episodes and hardcover books, "The Dark Verse" remixes and reinvents Lovecraftian horror for a modern audience.



"Limetown" is a brilliant horror story disguised as an American Public Radio show. Ten years ago, three hundred people vanished from a small town in Tennessee. American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock wants to get to the bottom of what, exactly, happened to the residents of Limetown all those years ago... but her search begins to lead her in unexpected directions.


The NoSleep Podcast

With a name like "The NoSleep Podcast," you should know that this is not a podcast for the faint of heart. "The NoSleep Podcast" is a horror fiction program, and it is not kidding around. "NoSleep" started as a creepypasta thread online, and it's still full of nightmare fuel. Listen to this one well after the kiddos are in bed.



"Lore" is a famous podcast at this point, and rightly so. Each episode tells the frightening, true stories behind folklore, urban legends, and the classic monsters of campfire stories. From vampires to body snatchers, Lore uncovers the upsetting truth behind every facet of the horror genre. Catch up before starting in on the new "Lore" TV show.


Knifepoint Horror

Unlike the other horror fiction podcasts on this list, "Knifepoint Horror" collects original horror stories from the twisted mind of a single author. Soren Narnia writes tense, suspenseful stories of supernatural terror, each framed as an uninterrupted confession from a horrified witness.


The Magnus Archives

Every week, "The Magnus Archives" explores another strange corner of The Magnus Institute, an organization that researches the esoteric and the weird. It's a horror anthology that comes together to create one larger, upsetting picture of what might really be lurking deep in the archives...


The Horror Writers Podcast

Want to know more about the dark underbelly of horror writing? Check out "The Horror Writers Podcast," for a show about two horror writers discussing the finer points of writing horror. Whether you're also a writer or just a fan of the horrific, you'll be sure to pick up a few chilling insights.


Alice Isn’t Dead

From the people who brought you "Welcome to Night Vale," "Alice Isn't Dead" is one weird road trip. The serial story follows a truck driver as she searches for her missing wife, Alice, who (hopefully) isn't dead. Along the way she encounters ghost towns, gaps in time, and a dizzying conspiracy that may or may not have to do with Alice's disappearance.



For fans of non-fiction, "Nocturne" is an essay podcast that explores the very real mysteries of nighttime. From nocturnal nature to graveyard shifts to secret identities, "Nocturne" explores all the secrets we miss in the broad light of day. It's a blend of documentary and fiction, and only a touch spooky, for when you need a break from blood boils and ghosts.


Pseudopod: The Sound of Horror

"Pseudopod" has been dealing in horror for over a decade. The premise is straightforward: each episode is a scary story by a different horror author, or a collection of flash fiction stories on the same horrifying theme. But if you're looking for scares, squid monsters, and strange happenings, "Pseudopod: The Sound of Horror" is a pretty spooky place to start.