13 Spooky Fall Decorations You Can Buy From Etsy

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means you'll be seeing fake graveyards, hanging ghouls, and creepily-carved pumpkins all over the place throughout October. If you're truly obsessed with Hallow's Eve, it may be time to up your haunted house game by ditching the dingy plastic decorations that have sat in storage for the last year. Instead of going with the same plastic pumpkin, or fake fingers in the punch bowl, Etsy can help you get terrifyingly creative: The site for creators has a ton of spooky, one-of-the-kind decorations that will set your Halloween decor apart. These spooky fall decorations you can buy on Etsy are just the thing to make your apartment look like an extra set on Hocus Pocus — in a chic way, of course.

Considering the history of Halloween, it's no wonder this popular holiday gives most people goosebumps: According to ThoughtCo, Halloween was birthed from the sacred festival Samhain — an annual Celtic holiday that was believed to be the day that the dead and otherworldly creatures (think demons or fairies) could communicate with the living. While this may be too freaky for some, other people love to get into the original holiday spirit.

Whether you're planning a Halloween bash, or just preparing for trick-or-treaters on the devilish holiday, Etsy has a number of decorations sure to get you a few genuine jumps and second glances from guests who visit. Here are 13 seriously spooky decorations you can buy that any — and every — Halloween lover needs.

1A Spooky Pillow Cover

Black Cat Halloween Pillow Case


Everyone knows the old saying that crossing the path of a black cat is bad luck. While that may not true, this pillow case is equal parts cute and creepy — especially if you just see the silhouette of the kitty in the dark.

2This Candle Holder

Baby Doll Head Candle Holder with Glowing Eyes


If you're a fan of the movie "Chuckie," this is a decoration you need to have for your Hallow's Eve party. According to one reviewer on Etsy, this candle holder is "even more terrifying in person."

3A "Psycho" Decal

"Psycho" Movie Decal


Classic movie buffs: This decoration is for you. Spook up a window in your apartment or home with a realistic decal of the most (in)famous scene from the Hitchcock movie Psycho.

4A Spider Garland

Halloween Spider Banner


Halloween isn't just about ghosts and demons that live in a different dimension: A banner covered with spiders will also give you and your guests the creepy-crawlies.

5A Skull Candle

Soy Skull Candle


House of Wax's skull candles are bone-chilling, making them a perfect decoration for the ghoulish holiday. Though these candles look morbid, they come in several delightful scents — including vanilla pod, and chocolate fudge cake.

6A Moon Clock

Pendulum Wall Clock


The next full moon on Halloween night won't occur until 2020, but this handmade clock is sure to get you in the spirit of the holiday. Just remember to be asleep by the witching hour.

7Glow-In-The-Dark Kitchen Towels

Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Kitchen Towels


Give your kitchen a spooky upgrade with these towels that actually glow in the dark. You can choose from a skull, ghost, sneering pumpkin, and other Halloween designs.

8Black Roses

35mm Black Paper Roses

Hosting a Halloween party? Stick with the dark and devilish theme by filling all your vases up with black paper roses.

9A Print Inspired By Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe "Raven" Upcycled Dictionary Art Print Poster


Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of the most haunting poems and eerie pieces of fiction to date, so what better way to usher in Hallow's Eve then with art inspired by his work? This print is specifically inspired by "The Raven," one of Poe's most famous poems.

10A Not-So-Welcoming Door Mat

Sleepy Hollow Dead and Breakfast Door Mat


Welcome friends and trick-or-treaters to your home with this ominous door mat.

11Petrifying Prayer Candles

"Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" Prayer Candles Trio


Almost every '90s kid had a sleepless night or two thanks to the horror anthology "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark," by Alvin Schwartz. These prayer candles with illustrations from the book will probably give you nostalgia-twinged nightmares.

12A Ouija Board Throw Blanket

Ouija Board Tapestry/Throw Blanket


This Ouija board tapestry won't conjure up spirits, but it will conjure up coziness. Hang it on the wall, or drape it on your couch through the month of October.

13A Three-Eyed Coffee Mug

Three Eyes On A Mug


This piece of pottery is gorgeous as much as it is unsettling. When a friend goes to reach for this mug on your shelf, don't be surprised if they jump back three feet first.

If you love to celebrate Halloween, these spine-tingling decorations will make your apartment the spookiest it's ever been. Plus, you'll be supporting independent artisans in the process. Win-win.