What Rachel Should Look For In A Husband, According To Astrology

ABC/Mark Coffey

Considering she's about to be the Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay is going to have more advice in her ear than she knows what to do with, but I'd like to add my voice to the mix, because not to brag, but what I have to say is purely, scientifically important. I've put together a list of what The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay should look for in a husband, based on her Zodiac sign, so don't come for me unless you want to argue with the stars, OK? According to the internet, Rachel was born on April 25, 1986, making her an almost 31-year old Taurus, and giving those who care about that sort of thing some real insight into who she is as a person and what she should ideally be looking for in a partner to balance her out.

It shouldn't surprise you to find that some of the traits Rachel should be seeking in a partner have a lot of overlap with those seen in Nick Viall, which explains their connection. That said, there are also ways that Nick fell short of exactly what Rachel needs in order to flourish, so I'm not all that surprised that things didn't work out between them. They were a good match but not a great one, and we're looking for a perfect one by the time Rachel's season of The Bachelorette premieres in the fall, so turn your eyes to the heavens and let's get to work.

1. A Man With A Career

Or at least one who knows who he is, what he wants, and is working toward those goals. As an attorney herself, Rachel has it together and deserves someone just as ambitious and driven as she is. The Taurus tends to set high standards for their mate, but none that they aren't meeting themselves, and when you meet them, she'll give you everything.

2. A Patient Guy

We saw on Nick's season of The Bachelor that it takes a minute for Rachel to open up, which falls exactly in line for the typical Taurus. They have to ease into trust, like a slow burn or a blooming flower, so the right guy has to be willing to stick around while the walls come down.

3. Someone Looking For An Equal

The Taurus is an interesting combination of personality types — grounded because of her earth sign, and fiery because of the Taurean bull. She's a friend, a romantic partner, and a partner in crime, so don't expect to dominate her or be dominated by her personality. Rachel should look for someone who is able to match her at a wide range of moods and impulses.

4. Someone Unflappable

Annnnd the biggest of those moods and impulses that I mentioned is stubbornness, which is one of the most common traits in the Taurus world. Rachel's perfect husband will be ready for a challenge, and accepting of her full range of emotions, someone who will be just as passionate about her when she's feeling calm and nurturing as when she's stubborn and hot-tempered. Because as all you Taurus ladies out there know, he's bound to see both.

5. And Also Persistent

A Taurus like Rachel is slow to anger, but it can take her a while to calm down, and in the meantime, she might be drawn to less-than-productive communication methods like the silent method or just walking away, in hopes of avoiding conflict. The man Rachel marries will know how to support her without smothering her, and be willing to prove his loyalty to her with constancy and love. Sometimes it's about waiting out the storm, so I hope you brought an umbrella.

6. Ideally An Earth Or Water Sign

The best matches for a Taurus woman are water and earth signs, which means stay alert for Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces, as well as Virgos, Capricorns, and fellow Tauruses.

7. Someone With Good Taste

The Taurus is a well-rounded lover of the finer things in life, and she'll likely be looking for someone similar. Whether that manifests itself as an appreciation for art, food, music, theater, or just a thirst for knowledge in general, Rachel should keep her eyes peeled for a cultured mate.

8. Someone Comfortable With Himself Physically

Physical touch is important for a Taurus, so Rachel should steer clear of anyone who isn't comfortable with a little PDA.

9. An Open Book

Your average Taurus is going to be very sensitive to dishonesty and disloyalty; if she picks up on either, her walls will shoot right back up, so let's be on the lookout for a dude who communicates what he's feeling and doesn't play games.

10. Someone Empathetic

In fact, if we're talking emotions, Rachel should lean into that, because the Taurus is best with those who are in touch with their softer side. Her ideal mate would be someone who doesn't buy into the stereotype of stoic masculinity, who's comfortable being vulnerable and feeling his feelings.

11. A Guy Who Values The Simple Things Over Extravagant Gestures

A typical Taurus puts more weight on the intention and the connection than on the expense of a gesture, so she'll be more comfortable celebrating an anniversary with a meaningful card and thoughtful gift than with an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. Men hoping to buy her love or show off with grand gestures need not apply.

12. A Homebody

The beauty and quality of her physical surroundings are important to a Taurus, and she places a high emphasis on comfort and practicality, so Rachel's perfect man should value those things as well.

13. Someone Ready To Start A Family

This one comes right out of Rachel's own mouth, as she's said she's ready to settle down, but it's also supported by her astrological profile. The Taurus loves to put down roots and pour affection into those around her, so if you're showing up on Rachel's season, it better be because you're ready to get serious and make her — and your future together — a priority.

So there it is, all laid out for you. I'm just gonna leave this right here, in case you need to check back. But at the end of the day, I have nothing but faith in Rachel's ability to find the perfect husband for herself. These are just some guidelines for the rest of us, honestly, to try to keep up.