13 Things To Do With Your BFF On New Year's Eve

The CW

New Year's Eve planning can be really stressful, especially when you're trying to coordinate with a big group of people. This year, consider skipping the fuss and having a besties-only celebration. No matter where you live, there are so many things you can do with your BFF on New Year's Eve that will be totally memorable and so much easier to plan for. Whether you decide to stay in and do actives, or go out on the town and see where the night takes you, you're bound to have a good time when it's just you and your partner in crime.

I've had so many different kinds of New Year's celebrations, from big parties to fancy events to low key gatherings, and honestly — my most memorable New Year's was the one I spent at home with my bestie. We ordered sushi, had a dance party, watched TV and ended up falling asleep before midnight because we were so pooped. The night was inexpensive, hilarious, uncomplicated, and a special memory for me and my bestie. Here are a few other ideas that you and your bestie might want to consider for this New Year's Eve:

Scrapbook The Heck Out Of 2017

Print out all of your favorite pictures, gather movie stubs and receipts and make and epic scrapbook chronicling the last year of your friendship. Trust me, you'll cherish this forever. And, it will be a blast to make.

Make A Time Capsule

Pack a small box with a few possessions that represent your friendship and the world we live it. Wrap it up, tape it closed, and make sure it's sealed. Then, burry it if that's an option, or hide it somewhere that you won't find for a long while.

Interview Each Other In A Video

Make a video where you interview each other about your favorite things that have happened in the last year, and of course the worst things. Log your favorite songs, your favorite gadgets, your favorite thing about yourself, and what you hope will change in the next year. This will be fun to look at come 2019!

Play Mixologist

Treat yourself to some fancy adult drinks. Get all the fixings to make proper cocktails using Champagne as a base. If you don't already know how to mix drinks this will be a great opportunity for you to learn a new trade.

Go To A Movie

Check your local listings to see what movies are playing at through midnight. This is a fun way to celebrate in a non-traditional way, with your community.

Have A DIY DJ Dance Party

Put together an epic playlist of all of your favorite jams from middle school until now, and dance until the ball drops. And then have some Gatorade and dance some more. Just keep moving until you've both exhausted all of your frustrations with the year 2017. This will be fun and massively cathartic.

Hit The Town, Do The Things

Get dressed up, go to one of those restaurants or bars that you need a ticket to get in with, and do all the things that fancy people do. Wear red lipstick, drink fancy cocktails, and watch the ball drop with a bunch of strangers with an over-the-top celebration.

Cook A Feast

Think of something epic that you've always wanted to cook, and tackle it. Get all of the ingredients, cook it together, and set the table for a celebratory bestie feast. Or order it. Either way, at least light the candles to make the night feel special!

Have A Bake Off

Stock up on sugar, butter, flour, and chocolate and go wild in the kitchen with your bestie. Make whatever dessert your heart desires. Have a competition to see who can make the most Instagrammable dessert, and then eat it all. Duh.

Have A Netflix Marathon

Pick a show that neither of you have ever seen, and watch it all. Don't leave the couch until you hit the finale. Order in, stay in your pajamas, and have absolutely no shame about it.

Do An Intentions Ritual

Do a ritual in which you read your resolutions to each other, set intentions for the year to come and let go of things that have held you back over the last year. Light some candles, burn some incense, go all the way with the ambiance.

Take A Trip

Forget doing something average this New Year's, head to the train station, the airport, or the bus stop and get out of town. Book a hotel room in a funky new place and spend New Year's Day exploring a new place together.

Go With The Flow

Agree to be "yes" women and say "yes" to all the random Facebook party invites you got from people you don't even know. Go to one party, make new friends, go with them to another party — just go with the flow and see where the night takes you!