13 Things You'll Find In Your Childhood Bedroom Over The Holidays


If you're close with your family and friends, nothing feels better than visiting the place you grew up in over the holidays. Of course, there are also plenty of hilariously nostalgic things you'll find in your childhood bedroom over the holidays — things that might otherwise drift into the background of your memory. Sometimes those things are somewhat embarrassing, but the nostalgia usually — usually — forces the embarrassment to take a back seat. I mean, yes, the contents of your half-finished journal might make you cringe now, but boy, were those Lisa Frank stickers you stuck all over the cover fantastic or what?

We talk a lot about nostalgia in general and a desire to return back to simpler times; however, these feelings can be especially prevalent around the holidays, when many of us basically revert to our teenage selves while we sit on our parent's couch and eat home-cooked meals with our loved ones. Indeed, given how stressful life can be, it's no surprise that for many, spending some time in the place we grew up is nothing short of a vacation. The worries we had as kids and teens seem like nothing compared with what it actually takes to be a functional member of adult society. But sometimes, we can wipe it all away — albeit temporarily — just by spending a few days at our childhood homes.

Whether you're going home for a certain holiday or just getting together with family and loved ones for no reason in particular, I'm willing to bet you'll have an entertaining evening going through the stuff in your childhood bedroom. I have a feeling, too, that these items will be more than a little familiar to you.

1. Tons Of Sweatpants


Mostly from American Eagle. Or Aeropostale. Or Abercrombie & Fitch. Or The Limited. Or, let's be real: You're likely to find some coordinating sweats from all of these stores stashed away in your old dresser. At least you'll be comfortable, right?

2. Unfinished Journals Galore


Embarrassing memories, here we come!

3. A Bed That's Both Too Small & So Very Comfortable


No, you haven't slept in a twin bed in years. Yes, it somehow feels more comfortable than your current bed.

4. Your High School Yearbooks


Flipping through these pages is almost the same as actually reaching out and getting together with the people you spent sophomore year with, right?

5. Your Caboodle


What treasures lie within? Some frosted lipgloss and soda-flavored lip balm, probably.

6. An Incredible Amount of DVDs


Remember those weird disks? I think they're called... DVDs? Yeah, we used to buy them en mass. If they're not accruing dust in your parent's attic, they're definitely piled under your bedroom desk. Oh, and bonus points if for you, they're not DVDs, but VHS tapes.

7. A Somehow-Still-Functional Computer


If you were lucky enough to have your own computer in high school, it's probably still in your childhood bedroom — and I'm willing to bet it still works. Sure, it feels about 20 pounds too heavy for you to possibly carry now; if you crack it open, though, I'm betting your old Word docs and AIM conversations will change your life.

8. Every Single Harry Potter Book


Of course your Harry Potter books are waiting for you at home. And your posters. And your DVDs. And your trinkets from the midnight premiere. You can't possibly throw away magic like that.

9. All Of The Half-Used Containers Of Body Glitter


Just in time for New Year's Eve, right? (Except, no. They are probably so very expired. Don't wear them. Please.)

10. An Original iPod


It might even still work!

11. Every Test Prep Book Imaginable


Remember the time we spent studying for what felt like endless tests? The SAT, the ACT, the AP exams... we spent so much time spent huddled up over practice tests. And all those books are probably still crammed in your bookshelf.

12. A Pink Razr Cellphone


Before the iPhone, every single one of us wanted a pink Razr. We promised we'd use it forever. Oh, how the times have changed.

13. Magazine Fold-Outs On Every Single Wall


Whether you were crushing on the boy bands or a pop star, we know you covered the walls of your childhood bedroom with all of the pull-out posters you could find from your favorite magazines. Luckily, someone stopped you from taking those with you to your college dorm or beyond.