13 Thrillers Coming Out In 2020 That Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

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The start of a new decade is upon us, and judging by the amount of thriller movies coming out in 2020, the next 10 years are going to be adrenaline-packed. As is typically the case with thrillers, the bulk of these movies can also be grouped into other genres. Among the upcoming releases are some horror thrillers, action thrillers, mystery thrillers, crime thrillers, psychological thrillers — you name it. But above all else, these films aim to thrill.

These 13 thrillers hitting theaters in 2020 are also loaded with big stars. Blake Lively dons short black hair and a British accent in the revenge thriller The Rhythm Section, Russell Crowe is a terrifying road rage perpetrator in Unhinged, Amy Adams is an agoraphobe who witnesses a crime at her neighbor's house in The Woman in the Window, and Michael B. Jordan is a Navy SEAL out to avenge his wife's murder in Without Remorse. Plus, there's the latest mind-bender from Christopher Nolan, a horror thriller from some of the producers of Get Out and Us, a slick remake of the classic The Invisible Man, and more. So try and relax your mind before taking a look below at the complete list, because things are about to get tense.


'Run' - Jan. 24

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Not much is known about this suspense thriller, but what is known is that it stars Sarah Paulson as a mother who has raised her teen daughter in isolation for some mysterious — and possibly nefarious — reason that the daughter soon uncovers.


'The Rhythm Section' - Jan. 31

After a woman's (Blake Lively) family is killed in a plane crash, she discovers that the crash was no accident and sets out on a quest for revenge against those responsible.


'The Invisible Man' - Feb. 28

Elisabeth Moss stars in this reimagining of the Universal horror classic, with the invisible man now cast as her character's abusive ex-husband.


'Promising Young Woman' - April 17

Carey Mulligan stars as a woman who works at a coffee shop by day and seeks revenge on sexual predators by night.


'Antebellum' - April 24

This mysterious thriller stars Janelle Monáe as a modern-day author who begins having horrifying visions of the Antebellum South that threaten to upend her reality.


'The Woman In The Window' - May 15

In this film that's based on a popular novel, Amy Adams is an agoraphobe who believes she witnessed the murder of her neighbor — but did she?


'Tenet' - July 17

Even after releasing its first trailer, no one seems to be able to figure out what Christopher Nolan's spy thriller is about. We have until summer to learn more.


'Nobody' - Aug. 14

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Bob Odenkirk stars as a boring suburban dad who turns into a vengeful vigilante after burglars break into his house.


'Let Him Go' - Aug. 21


Diane Lane and Kevin Costner play parents who, following the death of their son, attempt to rescue their grandson from a lawless "off-the-grid" family.


'Unhinged' - Aug. 28

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Russell Crowe, an actor infamous for his alleged real-life temper tantrums, stars as a man driven to the breaking point who takes road rage to a whole new level.


'Without Remorse' - Sept. 18

In this Tom Clancy adaptation, Michael B. Jordan is a Navy SEAL who's looking to solve the murder of his wife, and ends up uncovering a conspiracy in the process.


'Fatale' - Oct. 9

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Hilary Swank plays a scheming detective who seduces a married man into taking part in a murder in this crime thriller.


'Deep Water' - Nov. 13

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This novel adaptation has serious Gone Girl vibes, as Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas play a spiteful married couple whose mind games against one another turn deadly.

Good luck keeping your heart rate at a reasonable level with so many quality thrillers hitting theaters in 2020!