Taylor From 'The Bachelor' Leads An Exciting Life

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

As if last week’s epic fight wasn’t enough, Taylor and Corinne will go on The Bachelor two-on-one date in the upcoming episode. Everyone knows that it’s possibly the worst date you could go on because you have a 50/50 chance of going home at the end of the night. 23-year-old mental health counselor Taylor Nolan will be on the date this week, so I decided to do a little digging into her life and see what she likes to do for work and fun. It remains to be seen if this is the last time we’ll see Taylor on the show, but there is one thing we know for (almost) sure — we will probably be seeing Corinne again on Bachelor in Paradise.

According to Taylor’s LinkedIn page, she got her undergrad degree at Stevenson University and went on to get her masters in mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins University. After schooling she opened her own practice and then put it all on hold to find love with Nick Viall. She’s the youngest of the women on the show and described her best qualities on her bio as “loyal, transparency, honesty.” Beyond that we don’t know too much about her because her screen time has been dedicated to talking about Corinne instead of herself.

So, let’s talk about what Taylor’s life is really like.

She Blogs About Her Life And Business

“Check out my recent blog post about starting my practice, where I process and reflect on the variety of feelings that come up when you start a new chapter of your life and transition into the unknown and uncertainty of the future,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself.

She Spends Time With Her Family

Taylor is close with her family and spent the holidays with them in Washington. “I had a very happy holiday with these two wackos, who I'm lucky enough to call my best friends and parents,” she captioned this loving pic.

She Models On The Side

A mental health counselor by day and a model at night.

She Rescues Animals

She has a pit bull pup and an adorable cat. Both of them were rescues, according to her IG.

She Volunteers

“Every person matters, regardless of SES, education, addiction, race, domestic violence, etc. Your help does make a difference,” she wrote after volunteering at Mary’s Place, a shelter for women, children, and families.

She Rollerblades

First of all, not many people can pull off this look. Second, props to Taylor for still owning a pair of rollerblades. I’ve been meaning to get a pair myself.

She Eats Delicious Food

Taylor’s Instagram is sprinkled with some amazing looking food including this pizza that’s bigger than her face.

She Loves Her Home

If Nick were to chose Taylor, it seems like he would have to move up to Seattle because she absolutely loves it there. I don’t see her wanting to move away.

She Supports Her Favorite Seattle Teams

Taylor supports the Mariners and the Seattle Sounders. It’s also safe to assume that she’s a Seahawks fan too!

She’s A Hiker

“My favorite thing about hiking or walking trails isn't the exercise but being able to stop and appreciate all the beauty of nature! Super enjoyed exploring these trails and figuring out how to climb up this fallen tree,” she wrote alongside the pic. Maybe If she survives the dreaded two-on-one, she and Nick can hike LA together.

She Had A Long Term Boyfriend

It looks like Taylor and her boyfriend broke up sometime in the last year. Her Instagram is covered with photos of the pair. He even posted a photo of her Bachelor photo saying that he was going to watch the season. It seems they ended amicably.

Game Nights Are A Must

Even minor reality TV stars sit around drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity. Those nights in are the best.

She Loves A Good Selfie

What pops up most on Taylor’s account is selfies. How else will people know what you look like?

Good luck on the worst date of the season, girl.