13 Unique Easter Gifts For Kids That Are Way Cooler Than Chocolate Bunnies

The menu is planned, the house is decorated, and the pastel outfits are picked out. You're just about ready for Sunday's celebration — that is, once you pick out the perfect Easter gifts for the kids. Whether you're putting them together in a basket or wrapping them separately, these seasonal presents will make any kid hop for joy this holiday, and not just because of the Easter Bunny, either.

As far as gift-giving holidays go, Easter isn't one of the biggest present days of the year, but it is still an important part of the tradition. From the Easter baskets filled with candy and toys to more personalized solo-gifts, Easter gifts are a wonderful way to mark the special occasion, celebrate the season, and, of course, spoil the adorable children in your life with more than just love and affection. But how do you know what to get?

With so many different toys, trinkets, and treasures on kids' wish lists, picking out the right Easter present can seem like an impossible task to get done by Sunday. But when it comes to Easter present shopping, try keeping it basic and sticking to presents that are on-theme with the holiday spirit, as well as the spirit of the spring season.

Ready to bring joy to your little one's life? Then grab one of these 13 Easter gifts for kids that are perfect for the season. With the help of these unique presents, the Easter Bunny ain't got nothing on you.

1. My Dear Friend Big Bunny Knitting DIY Kit

Instead of just filling the kids' Easter baskets with stuffed toys, give them the gift of creativity in the form of this My Dear Friend Big Bunny Knitting DIY Kit. A fun activity that will keep them busy all April vacation long, this is a sweet and unique present boys and girls will love learning how to do.

My Dear Friend Big Bunny Knitting DIY Kit, $31.99, Amazon

2. Easter Ceramic Painting Kit

Speaking of gifts that will keep kids busy, these Easter ceramic painting kits are a great present for the little ones who don't mind getting a little messy while they have fun. With options including bunnies, ducks, chicks, and eggs, there is something in this DIY gift set for every kind of creative child.

Easter Ceramic Painting Kits, $20, Amazon

3. Children's Umbrella

While it might not seem like the most exciting gift of all time, a fun and brightly printed umbrella makes a great Easter gift for any kind. Practical for the spring season, a fun themed umbrella tucked away in the Easter basket could easily become a kid's new favorite accessory.

Rainbrace Kids Fashion Dome Umbrella, $15.99, Amazon

4. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Keep the kids outside long after the last Easter egg is found with the help of this festive sidewalk chalk, perfectly shaped for the holiday.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk, $7.35, Amazon

5. 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book' by Beatrix Potter

This Easter, give the gift of story and activity to the little one in your life with this coloring book version of Beatrix Potter's classic kid's book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book. Fun, adorable, and seasonally appropriate, this is the kind of gift you might want to borrow from the kids and use for yourself.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book, $3.99, Amazon

6. Cross Necklace

With so much attention given to the Easter bunny, sometimes it is easy to forget the bigger meaning behind Easter. Remind kids of the true meaning of the holiday with this precious children's cross necklace. Beautiful, delicate, and personalized, this is a truly special gift for an equally special child.

Personalized Cross Necklace, $36+, Etsy

7. Tie-Dye Kit

Easter may only be one day a year, but kids can have fun with colorful dye all year round with this massive 18-color tie-dye kit. A fun gift that doubles as an activity and a wardrobe makeover, this is the kind of present you're going to want to join in on.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit, $21.02, Amazon

8. Gardening Tools for Kids

Keep the kids outside with this all-inclusive gardening tools for kids. Complete with shovels, a watering can, and a how-to book, this STEM-friendly gift helps teach little ones to unplug from their screens and have fun getting dirty instead. Just add water, and watch their green thumbs ow.

Gardening Tools for Kids by ROCA, $22.50, Amazon

9. Jumping Jack

A fun game the whole family can play, Jumping Jack is the perfect bunny-themed gift to give at Easter time. A wonderful activity that helps children with coordination, reflexes, and speed, this adorable game is one the children will want to play all year long.

Jumping Jack, $16.99, Amazon

10. Easter Puzzle Ball

Take puzzle solving skills to the next level this Easter with a bunny-themed puzzle ball. A 3-D puzzle that doubles as an adorable decoration, the kids will have as much fun putting the egg together as they will showing it off when they're done.

Easter Puzzle Ball - Bunny, $8.99, Amazon

11. Light Up LED Bubble Gun Blaster

Was it just my family, or was Easter the time of year for bubbles? Start a new tradition in your house by giving the kids these fun and modern light up LED bubble gun blasters, and watch them have a blast well into the night. Just be sure to get one for yourself, because watching the kids have all the fun will make you want to join in the fight.

Light Up LED Bubble Gun Blaster, $10.99, Amazon

12. Create Your Own Bead Pets

When it comes to Easter, anything that can be cute and animal shaped should be, including gifts. That's just one of the reasons this Create Your Own Bead Pets kit is a great gift for kids who can't get enough of the adorable animals the holiday brings with it every year. Not to mention, it will keep them occupied all April vacation long, and beyond.

Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets, $9.97 Amazon

13. 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Margery Williams

A classic story about a child's unconditional love for its stuffed toy, The Velveteen Rabbit is the perfect Easter book to give little ones this year. One of the most beloved bunny-themed reads, this children's classic will have you and your kids in tears (don't worry, the good kind).

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, $4.99, Amazon