13 Candles To Treat Yourself To This Valentine's Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde
The right candle can really set the mood.

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day alone and treating yourself like the queen that you are, or sharing the night with someone special, you'll want to get your hands on some fresh candles that will help you set the mood for Valentine's Day. It's so simple, but lighting a nice-smelling candle instantly freshens the room and creates a low-key relaxing vibe. Lighting a candle is a multi-sensual experience, lighting a nice candle with the combination of a soft, flickering light and the gentle aroma of something sweet or musky, you're fully immersed in an atmosphere. And let's be real, Valentine's Day is a great time to recycle or up-cycle all of the candles you've already burnt down to the bottom.

So instead of buying yourself a bouquet of roses that won't live long past the holiday, get yourself some sexy candles that you can use year round. Experiment with different kinds of scents and try something new to give you something to look forward to. Taking the time to make a ritual out of lighting candles for yourself is a great self-care effort and goes a long way. Here's a selection of candles ranging from luxurious to eco-friendly, all with valuable vibe-enhancing qualities perfect for Valentine's Day.

1. A Minimalist Vibe Candle

This minimalist candle will serve as a permanent fixture in your home, because once you've burned down all the wax, you can use the pot as a succulent planter.

2. A Custom Candle

This custom candle can be made with a holder design that represents a day that's important to you, like a birthday or an anniversary. Because you can brand something meaningful onto the candle that's actually visible, it takes on another layer of sensory appeal.

3. A Love Candle

This candle captures the scents of love and it also says "love" on it, so you can use it for decor purposes or light it only on special occasions.

4. A Feminine Candle

This candle is stunning, and the fact that it smells delicious is really second to how awesome it will look in any room.

5. A Beautiful Candle Holder

This candle is as sweet smelling as it is beautiful. When you're done using it as a candle, you can use the jar on your desk to hold make up brushes or pens — you won't want to part with it.

6. A Savory Candle

When you're not in the mood for something overly floral, this candle will hit a muskier and more complex note.

7. A Zero Waste Soy Candle

Fragrance aside, the best thing about this candle is the fact that every single part of it can be recycled or reused. It's a candle you can feel good about using.

8. An Earthy Candle

Palo Santo is such a vibe-setter. This awesome-looking candle holder and scent can transform your space into a sanctuary with the swipe of a match.

9. An Anti-Valentine's Day Candle

When you're not in the mood for roses and sweet smells, opt for "burning rose" — a smoky, woody scent that's not at all frilly.

10. Fruity Floral Candle

This is the dessert candle of the bunch. It's very sweet and reminiscent of fruit and candied treats, making your home feel as inviting as a warm pie in the oven makes your kitchen feel.

11. An Astro Candle

If you want to connect to your sign, light up an astrology candle and get in touch with your cosmic self.