Veronica & Wallace Had The Best BFF Moments

by Mary Grace Garis

The titular lead of Veronica Mars had no shortage of men in her life and was always willing to keep her military jacket on and declare she didn't need them — or anyone at all. And then there was Wallace. Veronica and Wallace's friendship was one of the most refreshing relationships in Veronica's life, and the moments that helped define their (impressively platonic) bond are worth reliving by fans.

Why? Because Wallace was someone who served as a calming counterpoint to all the drama and grief Veronica got from her love interests (and he had snark far cooler than the dad jokes she got from Keith). He was able to see that, underneath her tough exterior, Veronica was a marshmallow, a twinkie, and she in turn was able to open up to him after being scarred from her post-09er life. And yes, Veronica may have taken advantage of his profession a few thousand times. But, regardless, looking back, it's easy to see that they made a perfect team with a special bond. It's crazy to think of how the show would've gone without their partnership. Veronica's dream in the graduation episode is scary enough.

Anyway, until we can get our hands on a Veronica Mars sequel, flash back to some of the great Veronica and Wallace moments, from pilot to film.


When They First Meet At The Flagpole

In this scene, Veronica makes for an interesting, sympathetic welcome wagon.


When Veronica Lets Wallace Join Her For Lunch And Defends Him Against Weevil

She really is his knight in shining armor.


When Wallace Recognizes The Person Beyond Veronica's Angry Persona (And Gives Her An Adorable Nickname)

It's a show-defining moment, and I'm proud to have witnessed it on that beach.


When Veronica Discovers He's An Office Aide, Solidifying Their Allegiance

Veronica asks if he can copy Weevil's attendance records, and the favors never stop.


When Veronica "Flashes" Him For Extra Cool Points

Spoiler Alert: it's not what it looks like, and Wallace's mom is not pleased.


When The Two Balance Undercover Work And Girl Talk

Veronica is nerding him up to infiltrate a party, and they start gabbing about his crush on Georgia (who, incidentally, we never really see after this episode).


When Veronica Chooses To Open Up About The Shelly Pomroy Party

It says a lot that Veronica shows up all tear-stained to Wallace after Duncan's deeply unsettling outburst of, "You're my sister, and I knew it" (which thank god is dead wrong). As she says, there are very valid reasons why she chooses not to share anything, but going to her bestie is definitely the right move.


When They Sit In Awkwardness After Learning Their Parents Are Dating

Their tense conversation about their respective mothers (see above) is also pretty good, but I'm still rolling over Veronica musing at the lunch table, "I’ve always wanted a little brother I could dress up like a little doll."


When Veronica Shows Her Support For Wallace Courtside

Which is very sweet, considering her general lack of enthusiasm with the sport.


When Wallace Leaves Town With His Dad And Veronica Tries (And Fails) To Reach Him

He lets it go to voicemail, and she says she screwed up. "I didn't mean to let you down, I just, I can't lose another friend." But it's too late.


When Wallace Comes Back To Neptune

Look how emotional she gets, and the two of them snuggling on the couch watching the ball drop. Such a marshmallow.


When Veronica And Evil Wallace Have A Heart-To-Heart

Veronica visits Wallace at his dorm to comfort him about coming clean with the test results (and now potentially having to drop his major), but then quickly asks him for deets about who sold him the test.


And, Finally, When They Have This Dance Of Jubilation

Minus points for Piz and plus points for the Mac Attack, but there is such a beautiful joy in this before the high school reunion became what high school was: a drama-rich hell.

No doubt Veronica and Wallace were grateful they had each other through it the whole way through. I know I certainly was grateful to see them.