Wallace Was The True MVP Of 'Veronica Mars'

The modern day Nancy Drew series, Veronica Mars, began over 10 years ago. And, even though it went off the air in 2007, it has managed to stay relevant in fans' minds not only because it's streaming on Amazon Prime, has its own movie, and airs in TV marathons on the regular, but because once you're a marshmallow, you're always a marshmallow. Veronica Mars revolved around the titular character, a savvy detective who had a penchant for finding trouble in her hometown of Neptune, but even though Veronica was the show's heroine, I would argue that Wallace Fennel was the real MVP of Veronica Mars . As Veronica's best friend, Wallace was involved in just as much mystery, but didn't get nearly the proper amount of recognition for it. Until now.

Wallace was my guy. Sure, I 'shipped Veronica and Logan (or LoVe) pretty hard. But, I was always rooting for Wallace to come out on top. I wanted him to find love, and not get murdered by any of the crazy killers that Veronica had to deal with. I wanted Wallace to shine like the star he was. So, consider this his platform for being the real MVP of Veronica Mars, because not only was he a great friend, but Veronica wouldn't have been able to solve half the mysteries she did without him.

1. He Didn't Believe What People Were Saying About Veronica

Veronica wasn't the most popular person at Neptune High, and Wallace didn't care. In fact, he embraced Veronica for all her quirks.

2. He Has Spirit, How 'Bout You?

Being a Neptune Pirate wasn't always the easiest job, but Wallace always kept his head up and the camaraderie strong.

3. He Was Selfless

Neptune was filled with pretty narcissistic people, but Wallace was the unicorn.

4. He Got Veronica Out Of Messy Situations

When Veronica's cover was almost blown (multiple times) Wallace would step in and save the day. Selling pens and candy (of course).

5. He Helped Out Veronica Whenever She Needed It

He became accustomed to the phrase, "Hey, can I ask for a favor?"

6. He Even Risked His Career

Seriously, Wallace would do anything to help his BFF.

7. He Stood Up For Those He Loved

Wallace was always worried for the others in his life. Even if that meant standing up to his friend.

8. He Even Learned A Little Bit Of That Veronica Bite

After hanging with VM for a couple of years, Wallace learned to speak with that Veronica Mars sense of humor.

9. He Came Up With The Marshmallow Name

And the Veronica Mars fandom would never be the same.

10. He Could Dish Out Tough Love

Besides having Veronica's back when it came to sleuthing, Wallace also had Veronica's back on normal issues, like college relationships.

11. Even Veronica Believes He Is The MVP

Team Wallace for life!

Images: Warner Bros. Television; VeronicaWallace/Tumblr (12)