13 Ways 'Charmed' Shaped My Life

by Jordana Lipsitz

Television practically raised me. I mean, my parents, sister, a variety of aunts, and an extended family had a hand in things, too, but I really feel that television — specifically the supernatural, women-led series Charmed shaped my life. The exploits of the Charmed Ones — Prue, Piper, and Phoebe — with the added bonus of Paige — truly help craft my views of womanhood and the world. With the glorious news that the lives of more children (and some adults) will be able to soon enjoy a rebooted version of Charmed, it feels good to take a look back at just what it was that made the witchy '00s series so inspiring for young people like myself.

Some may scoff that Charmed was just a fluffy show which went on for way too many seasons with incredibly cheesy moral themes. And the camp can't be denied. But at the same time, it also can't be denied that said campiness is incredibly enjoyable. When the world isn't fair, Charmed can be. For the most part, the good guys always win, which is the sort of positive storytelling I can get behind every now and again.

Charmed shaped me into the supernatural-loving, belly-shirt wearing bad*ss I try to be today and I wouldn't take that back for anything. Here are the ways I feel Charmed has shaped my life — and maybe yours, too.


It Made Witch Stuff Seem Cool

The supernatural is an endlessly fun theme in television and literature. Charmed went a step further with attempting to dive into Wicca. It was an introduction to a fascinating new world and made it look fun, rather than just dark.


It Taught Me That Girls Can Kick Butt

A lesson a woman can always use in the patriarchy.


And It Taught Me Girls Can Kick Butt While Wearing Dresses

A woman is not defined on the clothes she wears but on the content of her character. And her roundhouse kick.


It Taught The Dangerous Guy Is Fine (For A While)

Ah, Cole. Sure he was super evil but he was Phoebe's soulmate. You only get one of those! Maybe not the best lesson to be learned from a popular series, but Phoebe and Cole's passion was the beginning of a long list of television shows that convinced me the bad boy could be the right boy.


But The Nice Guy Is Your Best Bet

Piper and Leo. Perfect love that features flaws they continue to work through. Sigh. Thanks for the positive life lesson, y'all


Good Fashion Is Eternal

Warner Brothers

There's some outfits I still try to copy on a Saturday night. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "OK, I'm looking for Piper's half ponytail, Phoebe's glasses, and Prue's slinky dress in Season 1's 'The Dream Sorcerer.'"


Sisterhood Is Forever

I do have a sister, but even if I didn't, I'm still confident Charmed would have taught me the value of all types of sisterhood. Being sisterly isn't just about blood, it's about all respecting and supporting women-identifiers everywhere.


The Hairstyles Were Inspirational

No matter what hair game those gals have they always look beautiful. I most specifically admired Phoebe who could rock a pixie cut or short pigtails or a long weave without breaking a sweat. Her style was some serious inspo.


How The Sisters Deal With Loss

When Prue died at the end of Season 3, her character didn't simply disappear into the TV ether, fated to hang out with the original Darrin from Bewitched forever. Instead, the shadow of the oldest Halliwell sister's death hung over the family for the rest of the series.

This may sound silly, but it sometimes helps to figure out your emotions by watching somebody else working their own personal feels out on TV. I'm not saying Charmed taught me how to grieve (Buffy did that, actually), but it definitely normalized the inevitable and sometimes necessary anger and sadness.


It Proved The Importance Of Dancing Away The Pain

Sometimes, at the end of the day, you just gotta shake it and maybe even do some karaoke. You know?


It Made Childbirth Seem Like Something That Could Wait

Either you're poppng out a demon baby or your child ends up being Kng Arthur. Charmed made having kids seem like the greatest challenge — just like it is in real life.


It Prepared Me For The Unpleasantness Of Adulthood

Adulthood for the Charmed Ones isn't just making out with cute demons and rocking fresh tops. All four sisters go through a lot of non-witchcraft -related trials and tribulations on their way to self-actualization. It's nice to see that I'm not alone.


It Made Me Realize How Strong Women Are

To paraphrase what Queen Bey says, "no one is stronger than a woman." Whether they're kicking demon butt, or sassing mansplaining men, or helping the helpless — the Charmed Ones manage to balance it all. Sort of like me, and all the other women I know. I mean, we're not balancing demons in our lives or helping the helpless in quite the same way, but life is still a lot regardless.

Balancing job, battle against the patriarchy, family, care of house plants, is a lot of work and these women did it so well.