13 Women Reveal Their Sex Resolutions For 2018

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Now that 2017 has come to a close, it's hard not to take stock of each and every aspect of your life. Do you want to be more assertive at work, take more time for serious self-care, or Kondo your closet? Although most folks tend to focus on personal or professional goals when January 1 hits, a New Year's sex resolution can be just as useful for totally revamping — or just slightly improving — your life.

According to one frequently cited statistic from the University of Scranton, only eight percent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. Experts often attribute the cause of this low success rate to biting off more than you can chew and setting unattainable goals. In other words, setting the goal of going to the gym every day if you've never been in your life or bumping up your salary from 75k to 500k might be a stretch to achieve in a single year, just as expecting every sexual session to bring you 10 orgasms when you're anorgasmic or wanting to open up your relationship to multiple new partners when you've never even broached the subject of consensual non-monogamy might be a stretch, too.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't dream big if you have a plan on how to transform your sex life in 2018, but starting small can be just as pleasurable, too. Here's what 13 different women had to say about their New Year's sex resolutions for 2018:

1. Raina, 37

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"I just want to have more sex. That's it."

2. Sylvie, 28

"Leaving f*ckboys behind in 2017. Not wasting a second more of emotional labor on dudes who can't be bothered to text back and treat me with basic respect."

3. Jacqueline, 25

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"My sexual resolution is to have more "me" time. I want to have more nights in with my Hitachi instead of dead-end dates and bad hookups. More time focusing on what I like, not what I'm supposed to like, or what someone else likes."

4. Christy, 33

"Being really clear in communicating with a partner when sex is just sex, and I'm not interested in a relationship or anything."

5. Sam, 28

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"Not being shy about asking for what I want in bed, even if it's really awkward."

6. Kate, 34

"Finally feeling comfortable naked with the lights on."

7. Julie, 24

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"My sexual resolution is to come out as kinky to more partners."

8. Sady, 26

"Watch more feminist porn!"

9. Bette, 31

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"Butt stuff. To unabashedly explore anal in the new year. I really want to peg my boyfriend, because he did say he wants to try, and it's always seemed super hot to me."

10. Jamie, 35

"My resolution is to mix up locations for sex. Try the couch versus the bed, just switching it up to make it more enjoyable. Being more spontaneous, too."

11. Matilda, 24

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"Buying a fancy AF new sex toy, sparing no expense and spoiling the hell out of myself."

12. Terry, 25

"Make a date to get tested without being embarrassed about it, and keep doing it, monthly."

13. Joy, 36

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"Ask my partner what she wants flat out, don't assume just because it's worked in the past that she still likes it, and being more vocal about what I want in bed from her, too."

So whatever you choose to set your sights on for 2018, just remember that a little extra pleasure can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health and physical well-being.