13 Women On What They Like To Do Immediately After Orgasming

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It's hard not to be curious about the interworking of other people's lives — the tiny details, the intimate moments, even the gross, wacky, and... sticky situations. We love to hear it all, because morbid curiosity can run really strong, but also because it makes us feel better about our own little routines and quirks. Luckily, people on Reddit love to talk about everything. Everything. From deepest fears, darkest desires, right down to what people do after they orgasm. Seriously. When Reddit user Xerxesthegreat1 asked the ultimate question, people responded. Xerxesthegreat1 asked "Whats your favorite thing/what do you want to do post orgasm?" and the internet definitely did not disappoint.

Although there were plenty of responses that you would probably expect to hear — like sleep and cuddle — there were some post-orgasm routines that were a little more unusual or a little more in-depth. It can be a really vulnerable moment for some people, while others relish the intimacy of it. Some people like to stick to an exact routine after they have an orgasm (whether the orgasm is given to them by themselves or someone else), while others might want to be a little more spontaneous and go with the flow. But people aren't afraid to share. So here's what the women of Reddit had to say about their post-orgasm moment, because so many of us just get a little sleepy.


This Holy Trinity

Been there. Avoiding a UTI is important, people — it doesn't matter if you're trying to float into a romantic reverie, it's important to remember to pee. Safety first.


This Emotional Truth

"Cling" may be a strong word, but with all of that oxytocin floating around it's not unusual to feel very attached to whoever just gave you that orgasm — even if it was a vibrator. At times, I've definitely had a not unemotional relationship with my vibe, so I understand that clingy feeling.


This Messy State Of Affairs

Sometimes, it's the only way forward — or the only way to stand up without being blinded and walking into something. There's no shame in a post-sex toweling down.


This Swift Exit

Uber has made the awkward departure precisely 4,000 times easier, but getting your phone out to order one can still be a tricky moment.


This Joyful Display

And yes, reader, other people do cry happy tears — in fact, a lot of people who responded to this post seem to cry happy tears.


This Alone Time

BREATHE HEAVILY. Sometimes, it can take a moment or two to come down from the event. No shame in that — in fact, it's totally normal to need a second to shut down.


This Tasty Snack

I love the idea of a specifically-assigned post-orgasm snack. *stocks up on popsicles*


This Unholy Trinity

People love to blaze after sex. And before sex. And probably during sex. Time to light up those sensations.


This Sharing And Caring

Share and share alike — it's only polite, after all.


This Commitment

And again. And again? That is dedication to the cause.


This Ultimate Truth

I mean, we can all get creative but I'm pretty sure 90 percent of us just want to SLEEP.


This British Classic

Pair it with an episode of Doctor Who and you're basically the Queen.


This Genius Snack

I don't know what turkey ham is but I respect you, ridhzu.

Post-orgasm routines can vary hugely, from the intimate to the romantic to the... hungry. There's no wrong way to celebrate your orgasm, so just relax into it. AND PEE TO AVOID A UTI.