The 14 Best Pups That Get Along With Kids

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Picking out a family dog is fun and exciting, especially when kids are involved. Most little kids love dogs, and it's really special to watch them bond with these furry creatures, and create a lasting, loving relationship they'll always remember. But finding the right dog for a family that includes small children isn't always quite as simple as heading to a shelter and picking out a pup who looks adorable and seems friendly. If you're going to introduce a dog into your kid's life, you should make sure it's a kid-friendly dog first, just to be on the safe side. There are certain dog breeds that get along best with kids, and those are the ones you might want to look into first.

Sure, all dogs can be sweet, fun-loving, and wonderful, but certain breeds can generally be just better with kids than others. When you're looking for the perfect dog to get along wth kids, Pet MD suggests looking at three things about that breed: the temperament, the size, and their energy level. If you have little kids, you're going to want a dog that has an agreeable personality, who tends to be more calm and loves to have fun — you want the dog to keep up with the energy of the kids! As far as size goes, small dogs can be a little bit more jittery and excitable, while bigger dogs tend to be on the more calm side. And for energy levels, getting a dog who needs a lot of exercise and playtime could work out if you have little kids, who might handle that for you.

The below are a few of the best dogs for kids. Of course, these aren't the only dogs you can have around kids, but they tend to be the most calm and the most fun-loving.

Golden Retriever

These adorable doggos are known as the ideal family dog for many people. Their beautiful golden coat is far from the best thing about them — Goldens are sweet, fun-loving, adorable dogs who make great companions. They have the best attitude, they love to play, and they're easy to train. They are also great at keeping kids active.

English Bulldogs
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English Bulldogs might look gruff and grumpy, but they're actually extremely affectionate, sweet, and great with kids. Get one as a puppy for a young child: English Bulldog puppies are energetic and playful, and they get much more calm as they get older. They can literally grow with your kids too, which is pretty great. Keep in mind that English Bulldogs can make great guard dogs, meaning they might show aggression towards other dogs or humans, but with proper training this can be manageable.

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These sweet little floppy-eared pups are great with kids. They love regular exercise so they can play with kids all day long without getting tired out, and they also happen to be easy to care for. They are super sweet and loving, and they're good with other dogs too. They'll keep your kids active and will probably even end up tiring them out. One thing to keep in mind? Beagles are natural hunters, so they probably shouldn't be kept around other smaller animals.

Labrador Retriever
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Labrador Retrievers are one of those types of dogs that just seems like the perfect family doggo: they're sweet, they're adorable, and they're so lovable. They're really smart and easy to train, and as a bonus, they love commotion. That's great if you have a few kids who like to play and are full of energy. They do need to be taught how to be around kids, but again, they're very easily trained. They're super friendly and sweet dogs, and they're great around children.


If this big, fluffy dog looks familiar, it's because it starred in a favorite children's movie: Nana, the dog from Peter Pan, was a Newfoundland. So, that right there is pretty much proof this breed is great with kids. This bread is super lovable and sweet, and perfect for cuddling. Newfoundlands also happen to be very social, and they love meeting and playing with new people, including new children. They're a great dog to have if your kids have friends over a lot. On top of that, they're really smart. You can't go wrong with one of these guys!


Collies love kids! They are also super faithful, smart, and have the most beautiful coats of fur. They're very social and they love to be around people, and they're so loyal. They're also easy to train and they can be used as great watch dogs without getting too aggressive. This is the dog that Lassie embodied, so... you know it's a good choice.

Bichon Frise
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Bichon Frises are adorable, happy doggos. They love frequent exercise, as it keeps them from getting bored, so they'll love playing with kids. They are really sweet, and they don't shed a ton, so they're a great "hypoallergenic" dog as well.

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Boxers can get kind of large, so they can appear intimidating and kind of scary, making some think they aren't great for kids. But they are! Just picture Chance from Homeward Bound... he was a Boxer, and he was perfect. Boxers are very sweet dogs who are also powerful, alert, and protective. They're really affectionate and they love playing with kids, especially because they require so much exercise. The one downside is that they can be prone to a lot of health issues and they drool a lot. But really, a lot of the pros outweigh those cons.

Irish Setter
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Irish Setters are gorgeous, floofy dogs who are also smart, patient, and full of energy. They require a lot of active time, making them perfect for little kids — as long as those kids are going to play with them. They love to have fun and they're eager to please, although they can be a bit mischievous.


Poodles have a reputation for being snappy and yappy, but they are also one of the smartest dogs out there. They're easy to care for, they barely shed so they're great for anyone with lots of allergies, and they like to play with kids. They're also small, which can be an advantage.


Besides being extremely cute, Labradoodles are also smart, eager to please, playful, and fun. They're a mix of two dogs who are great with kids on their own — the labrador retriever and a poodle — so you know these puppers are great with kids also! They're ideal for kids with allergies as many don't shed very much, and they have the best personalities. They're sweet, affectionate, and easy to train.

German Shepard
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As police dogs, German Shepherds can seem intimidating and terrifying — but they truly amazing with kids and families. German Shepherds are very to train and super smart. They are great companions who love to play and have fun. They love to learn new things, which is perfect if they're going to be around kids. German shepherds are also very loyal and protective, so you know they'll keep your kids safe.


Another dog that is quite large and can come off as intimidating is a Mastiff, but don't be fooled: this is not only one of the oldest breeds in the world, but also one of the best kinds of dogs to have around your kids. They are incredibly affectionate and sweet and they make connections quickly. They aren't easily startled and they love to be inside around their humans — they aren't as powerful as they look! Mastiffs love to play and they also love to cuddle.

Bernese Mountain Dog
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Lastly, the Bernese Mountain Dog is another doggo who seems too big for kids, but is actually perfect for them. They are gentle, affectionate, and friendly, and they love children — they also are not easily annoyed. They're smart, easy to train, and don't bark very often. They also get along well with other dogs.