14 Best Dog Breeds For Kids That You Can Adopt If You’re Starting A Family

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Picking out a family dog is fun and exciting, especially when kids are involved. Most little kids love dogs, and it's really special to watch them bond with these furry creatures, and create a lasting, loving relationship they'll always remember. But finding the right dog for a family that includes small children isn't always quite as simple as heading to a shelter and picking out a pup who looks adorable and seems friendly. If you're going to introduce a dog into your kid's life, you should make sure it's a kid-friendly dog first, just to be on the safe side. There are certain dog breeds that get along best with kids, and those are the ones you might want to look into first.

Sure, all dogs can be sweet, fun-loving, and wonderful, but certain breeds can generally be just better with kids than others. When you're looking for the perfect dog to get along wth kids, Pet MD suggests looking at three things about that breed: the temperament, the size, and their energy level. If you have little kids, you're going to want a dog that has an agreeable personality, who tends to be more calm and loves to have fun — you want the dog to keep up with the energy of the kids! As far as size goes, small dogs can be a little bit more jittery and excitable, while bigger dogs tend to be on the more calm side. And for energy levels, getting a dog who needs a lot of exercise and playtime could work out if you have little kids, who might handle that for you.

The below are a few of the best dogs for kids. Of course, these aren't the only dogs you can have around kids, but they tend to be the most calm and the most fun-loving.