14 Bra And Underwear Hacks Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs

For something I put on every day, it's odd that I give zero thought into the undergarments I'm going to wear. As long as it's clean, right? Sure, I might have wedgies or bra straps that fall down constantly, but what can I do? Well, with a few bra and underwear hacks, you will never have to put up with these annoyances again.

Since we brush off underwear problems so often, we don't even think to look for a solution. But panties don't have to go up your butt and your bra can actually be comfortable and supportive at the same time! And whether you struggle with sagging straps or boobs sweat, I promise there's a product to make your life a little easier.

Do you have button up shirts that pop open right at boob level? You can use some fashion tape to keep it closed. If you don't want to worry about visible nipples, you can get some covers that will solve that issue right away!

Even beyond cleavage problems, here's some hacks to make your life in underwear much easier. You're a grown-ass woman now, it's time to keep your bras in place and your panties in line.


Turn Any Bra Into A Low Back With This Extender

Coco's Closet Low Back Bra Converter, $10, Amazon

Certain outfits call for a bra with a lower back. But how often does it happen, and why would you waste the money on an expensive bra you'll never use? Instead, get this converter. It turns your favorite bra into a fully functional low back bra. Now, you don't have some weird bra taking up space, and you can buy low back dresses without worrying if you need to buy some other undergarment specifically for it.


Use Less Tampons And Pads With This Period Underwear

Yoyi Fashion Period Briefs (XXS-XXL), $23 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Pads and tampons are a pain. They just are. We used to have no other options, so we dealt with them, but now you can use this period underwear instead. The leak proof panty protects your clothes from spotting or light period days. When your flow is heavy, you may still need to use a tampon, but it still cuts down the amount of period gear you need to keep in your cabinet.


Stop Boob Sweat With These Liners

Belly Bandit "Don't Sweat It" Bra Liners, $20, Amazon

Whether you're in a Crossfit class or just waiting for the subway in August, boob sweat is ready to ruin your shirt. Instead, you can stay dry and comfortable with these liners. Made of 92 percent bamboo, this slides under any sized bra to absorb sweat. You'll feel dry and your shirts stay pristine. Then, just throw the liner in the wash and feel free to use it again on another hot day.


Go Braless With These Nipple Covers

Hollywood Fashion Silicone Reusable Cover Ups, $12, Amazon

If you feel like going braless, go right on ahead! It's very freeing, but sometimes it's a little painful to have your nipples rub directly onto rough fabrics. Or you're wearing something low-cut and are nervous about slipping out of your shirt! Whatever the problem, these nipple covers are the solution. Your nipples are fully covered by the silicone material and easy to apply. Once they're on, they aren't going anywhere. After your braless day, just remove and store and the covers will be ready for your next bra-free adventure.


Stop Wedgies For Good With This Underwear

Warner's No Wedgies, No Worries Hipster Panty (XS-XL), $8-$15, Amazon

Half of my underwear give me a wedgie the second I put them on. Instead of dealing with that all day, try these no wedgie underwear. These smooth microfiber underwear feature elastic side panels that keep your panties in place. You get full butt coverage and tons of stretch for a very comfy fit. One reviewers says: "Every panty claims not to cause wedgies and ride-up, but few live up to that claim like this one does. As soon as I got the first one, I ordered more."


Avoid Chafing With These Comfortable Boyshorts

Ekouaer Boyshort Panties (S-XXL), $19 (Pack of 3), Amazon

We're in the middle of sundress season, which can mean prime thigh chafing time. Avoid all that mess with these boy shorts. They're long enough to protect rubbing thighs and give you a little extra coverage in case you're wearing a skirt on a windy day. Since these are seamless and feature soft elastic around the waist and legs, the boy shorts will stay in place without creating panty lines. Plus, they're super soft and can double as yoga shorts, so they're a pretty good deal. Reviewers note that they run big, so make sure to size down!


Avoid Panty Lines With This Comfortable Thong

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong (XS-XL), $10-$12, Amazon

Sometimes, you just gotta wear a thong. But if that's what you desire, it should at least be comfortable! If you've got that dress or skirt that just loves magnifying your panty line, give this stretchy thong a try. The laser cut hem lays perfectly flat and the four-way stretch fabric gives you the comfiest fit possible. User reviews mention that many people even like to work out or yoga in these, because they're so breathable.


Keep Your Bra Straps From Slipping With These Strap Concealers

Noel & Co Bra Strap Concealers, $13, Amazon

I can't wear a tank top without pulling at my bra straps at least 50 times an hour. Instead of dealing with constant slippage, you can give these strap tamers a try. You pin these into the shoulder seam of your dress or top, clip the bra strap to the tamer, and your bra straps will stay in place all day. You won't even feel the clips once they're in — and they're removable and reusable, too.


Stop Bra Straps From Digging Into Your Shoulders With These Cushions

My Bra Strap Cushion, $10 (Set of 4), Amazon

These silicone bra strap cushions keep your straps from digging into your shoulders. Just slip the holder on your strap and you won't have to worry about red indentations or other strap related pain. Since they're made of silicone, they're really soft and safe against your skin. If they get a little dirty, just rinse them off with warm water and they're good as new!


Keep Your Clothes In Place With This Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape, $13 (3 Pack), Amazon

Why are button-up shirts so hard? At pretty much any size, there's that one shirt that just loves to pop open no matter what you do. That's where fashion tape comes in. Just lay this tape on the tricky area and your shirt will stay closed. Or if you have a potentially revealing dress, just use some of this tape to make sure that everything stays in place. Reviewers also suggest lining bras with tape to keep them in place as well.


Say Goodbye To Poking Wires With This Supportive Wireless Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Convertible Wirefree Bra (34C-42DD), $25, Amazon

Bra wires must be made of some kind of devil material because when they poke out, they are so crazy painful. So, avoid the whole wire game completely with this wirefree bra. The wide band is extra comfortable while the stretch foam gives support without pinching. People really love this bra for both its comfort and its fit.


Get Rid Of Butt Sweat With These Underwear

Yvette Mid-Rise Sports Panties (XS-2XL), $16, Amazon

I sweat everywhere, so these moisture wicking underwear really save the day for me. These underwear are designed to keep you cool and dry whether you're walking down the street or working out. Plus, the fabric has a lining that kills bacteria and inhibit odors. Really, if you're a sweaty girl like me, these make workouts (or hot days) a million times more comfortable.


For Days When Straps Are Visible, Keep It Cute With This Fashionable Bralette

Bluetime Racerback Bralette (S-L), $11 , Amazon

If you are wearing a shirt that's going to show your bra, you might as well make it cute. This high cut bralette is a comfy racerback bralette that has adorable lace on the back to make this look more like a fashion accessory than something that provides support, but it does! It's also great for light workouts, like yoga.


Try A Comfortable String Bikini With These Highly Reviewed Panties

Vanity Fair Body Shine Illumination String Bikini Panty (S-XL), $10, Amazon

If you prefer a bikini style panty, sometimes it's a little tough to find one that stays in place without cutting into your sides. But people are crazy for this underwear! With satin bindings and incredibly stretchy fabric, these keep you covered while being a dream to wear. With over 1000 stellar reviews, people are more than pleased with these bikinis. One user writes: "My favorite panties! I own about 20 pair--what more can I say?"

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