14 Vacation Destinations Around The World That Are Incredibly Cheap In October

Young travel woman is walking on the beautiful old cozy street of Lisbon in Portugal

As the summer winds down, so do many people's vacation plans. The months of July and August are an incredibly popular time to travel due to weather, more time off school and work, and — did I mention the weather? When the fall months arrive, a lot of travel dwindles down due to a combination of school or work starting back up again, and the weather growing crisper by the minute. However, not planning a vacation during the fall months might actually be a detriment to your bank account — there are tons of cheap vacation destinations for October, November, December, and so on.

Sure, weather wise, many destinations throughout the world are in a transitional phase during October — but that doesn't mean that the weather is bad during fall. In fact, in many places, October offers the perfect temperatures and pleasant conditions. And the best part? A lot of travel hotspots are cheaper than they would be during the busy summer season, meaning a once-unaffordable destination might suddenly be accessible to you.

Not every place is cheaper in October, of course, but it's worth looking into the places that are. Here are some of the cheapest destinations to travel to in the month of October:


The Caribbean


Basically any island in the Caribbean — from the U.S. Virgin Islands to places like Turks and Caicos — are going to be cheaper during the month of October. It's considered the the low season in the Caribbean due to weather changes, so tourism takes a dip — but that means that prices are going to be some of the best you'll see all year. You'll also enjoy emptier beaches and some peace and quiet.




Bermuda is another island that isn't as busy in October, so prices go down and popular spots are a lot more quiet. However, even though Bermuda is in the Atlantic Ocean, October still typically offers beautiful weather. The temperature is, on average, in the low 80s and pleasant 70s, so you'll enjoy plenty of gorgeous days.


Lisbon, Portugal


Many European cities are already going to be quite chilly come October, but Lisbon, Portugal, should still be warm enough to be very pleasant. Despite its recent surge in popularity, Lisbon remains one of the cheaper European cities to travel to. It also offers easy access to other destinations like Spain and France — so, combine that with the fact that October is kind of the off-season for much of Europe, and you've got a great, affordable destination at hand. Check out TAP Air Portugal for affordable plane tickets.


Athens, Greece


October is a wonderful time to head to Greece (it might even be the best time to visit Greece), because it'll be significantly less populated by tourists than it is in the summer months. Opt for early October if you're looking to spend some time on the beach, but if you want to save even more money, you can probably snag a ticket for under $500 on an airline like SWISS or Lufthansa if you plan to go in late October, according to Google Flights.


The Bahamas


Another island in the Caribbean that is generally cheaper and less crowded in October is the Bahamas. This autumn is actually the best time to go: Following Hurricane Dorian, the islands need as much money as they can get right now, and tourism is its main source of revenue. The weather is still going to be beautiful in October — in fact, it'll be less unbearably hot than it would be in the summer, so you can actually enjoy sitting outside — and you'll be able to score round-trip ickets for a little under $400 on an airline like American if you book now.


New Orleans, Louisiana


October is one of the best times of the year to visit New Orleans. The super hot temperatures of summer have disappeared and the air is a little cooler and less humid. It's also not as crowded without the summer tourists or the spring tourists who come for Mardi Gras. Walk around the French Quarter without melting your face off, and enjoy a cup of Café Du Monde coffee with a beignet comfortably. Even better: You might be able to score tickets for under $100 on an airline like Spirit if you book in advance.


Cairo, Egypt


Egypt may be super hot in the summer, but in October, temperatures are just starting to cool down and become more manageable, and there's hardly any rain. And since the busiest season doesn't really begin until December, October is still less expensive and a great month to visit. Score tickets on an airline like Kuwait for under $700 by booking early.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Sure, Cape Cod is a beach destination on the Northeast coast, but that doesn't mean you can't visit in the fall. You may not be able to swim or sit on the beach, but there's a lot more to do: visit the adorable town and enjoy walks by the water without crowds of people. Towards the end of the month, there's also the famous New England fall foliage. Prices are a lot cheaper in the fall, and you're getting in before the snow starts.


Orlando, Florida


If you want to plan a trip to Orlando to hit up Disney World and Universal Studios, consider going in October. It's a much less busy time because many parents aren't planning trips for their kids then since school just started. The weather is also much more pleasant than it is during the summer. Because of the timing of the year, it's not yet the busy season, so prices are lower. And who doesn't want shorter lines in Disney World?


Montreal, Canada


Many people opt to visit Montreal at one of two times: in the summer, when the weather is very warm and lovely, or in the winter, when they can take part in winter sports. The fall is often forgotten about, but it shouldn't be. While it's not going to be warm, it also won't be freezing, and it's a nice time to walk around and enjoy the sights and shopping. The crowds are often much better as well.




Iceland is very popular in the summer because the weather is slightly warmer and the days are a lot longer (the sun can be out for about 20 hours a day!). Then it gets popular in the winter as people flock there for the Northern Lights. So, October isn't a very busy time, and as a result, it's cheaper. But October is a great time to go: the weather isn't super cold yet, and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights is slightly better than it is during the summer when there's too much light.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


It's springtime in Argentina in October, and the weather is in the 70s, which is pleasant and comfortable and is one of the reasons October is such a great time to go. Since many people want to visit Argentina in the warmer months of December and January, October is a relatively quiet time — and a less expensive time to visit. It's also beautiful, of course.


Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe, situated on the border between Nevada and California, is another destination that happens to be super popular in the summer for water sports and the winter for skiing, but not so much in the fall. Go to this beautiful spot in October to experience a lot less crowding and better prices. You may not be able to swim or ski, but you will be able to do some water sports and be outside.


Washington, D.C.


Washington D.C. has beautiful weather in the fall, with temperatures that make it really comfortable to walk around and explore. It's also less filled with tourists because so many people have just recently gone back to school. The prices are generally lower and it's easier to book something great.